February 25, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Yeah, I Talked To An Apostle!

Soooooo much happened this week. It was a solid week, and I am sooooo satisfied with everything. So Saturday, I met Elder Renlund from the 12 Apostles. He's a baller! We chatted a little bit about Gilbert, and the Temple there and everything. Super cool!!! I took some stellar notes. I got to see all my previous companions, Gustafson, Ferreira, and Parra. Ferreira goes home today. Gustafson is opening up a new area. Parra is dying in his new area, hahaha. He misses me. Short on time, but we're gonna baptize this week!! Guadalupe, the 9 year old girl, we got her and her family to church this last week. So yeah, we're killing the game. Unfortunately, just as we get our area really rolling with baptisms and everything, President told me in interviews that I'm probably headed out of Tribuno this next transfer (next week). Which is weird, because it's only my 2nd transfer here, but the rumors from the office missionaries is that I'm gonna be whitewashing an area next transfer, possibly training (yeah I'm terrified, it is NOT a fun combo from what I've heard haha). Totally speculation, but I'll let you all next week what happens. Sucks that I can't upload any pictures this week because I have some REALLY funny ones, haha (remember the black dude from last weeks email? We found him again today and took a picture hahaha). I'll upload and explain them all next week. Love you all, gotta go. Called my mom and dad today! Happy birthday to my mom next Monday! Congrats to my boi Simon who leaves on his mission to Brazil tomorrow, and congrats to Payton Maclay who just got his mission call also to Brazil!!-----Coop


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