February 18, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Good News, Bad News, and New News - Elder Ashton

So yeah, roller coaster of a week in Tribuno for Holmes and I. We went from having to a ton of hope in my main man Ariel, who showed up to church out of nowhere last week. To having no hope or faith in humanity when he told us Thursday that he didn't like church and didn't want to hear the discussions anymore. To having hope again walking into an inactive family's house Saturday, and a little 9 year old girl asking us to baptize her. So yeah, roller coaster. Ariel: So my dude didn't like church at ALL last week because all the youth had just gotten back from EFY, and the whole hour was them bearing their testimonies. But, we calmed him down, and set an appointment with him for this coming Thursday. So, we'll see what happens to the guy. Guada: (short for Guadalupe) 9 year old girl from the Michél Family, a family who has been inactive for 6-7 years. We found them thanks to my handy sleuthing skills when I was organizing the area book. We're helping reactivate them, and if everything goes well (very likely that everything will NOT go well hahaha) we'll baptize her the March 2, the last Saturday of the transfer and possibly my last Saturday in Tribuno (rumors are going around the mish about my future next transfer, we'll see what happens;) #adventures. Weekly Skypes¿?: hahahahaaaaa <i id="yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1550536504838_6039">Moms edited version: (Cooper's mission president is still working through the details of allowing missionaries to call home)</i>. President Orquera has banned the use of the phones/ computers of members to do Skype, phone calls, or text messages, which has neutered us as missionaries. Here in Argentina, it's impossible to find a computer shack with the technology to do a Skype, and international calls are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. So, sorry mom, we'll see if I can find some loopholes or something, but yeah President Orquera locked DOWN the new changes, probably because he knows that lots of the missionaries would abuse it. Miscellaneous: Holmes and I ate in a kind of fancy restaurant today, and in walks a 6'6" jacked black dude. He sees me and Holmes staring (there are no like black black people here) and comes over to us and in a thick Southern accent asks "Y'all from the states?" We're like "Yessir AZ and UT" and he says he's from Miami. He plays basketball here in Salta, says he makes a decent living and loves it here. Forgot his name but hahaha super random. Pictures attached. Congrats to my cousins Joel and Brynna, they just both got back from their missions. Shout out to my younger brother Duncan, it's his birthday the 20th. Catch you all next week.-----Elder Cooper Ashton PS: Elder Renlund the Apostle comes to Salta this Saturday for a conference with our mission, then Sunday we get a General Seventy that comes to my Stake. It'll be lit.


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