February 11, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Last Week Took an L but this Week Bounced Back - Elder Ashton

So, wowowow what a week. Thanks for the extra prayers that got sent my way this week because they definitely worked and FINALLY my guy Elder Holmes and I are having success. So, two weeks ago, we were contacting and one lady was like come back in a week and a half. So, we were like whatever, because the people always say that to us, and then we go back when they told us to and no one is ever there. But, the day of the appointment arrived and we were having a bad attitude about it because the lady lives so far away and we don't have bikes. So, it was like a 40 min walk. But we go anyways, saying "she's not even gonna be there, we're wasting our time". But, we get to the house, and she was waiting for us. So crazy! Then we sit down, get to know her (her name is Romina, she's 29), and start teaching Lesson 1, The Restoration. We were a little rusty because this was like our first lesson in 3ish weeks. But, at the end of the lesson, we shared the invitation about reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know it's true. And we invited her to pray at the lesson. So she did it, and in the middle of her prayer she starts crying. She was feeling the Spirit so strong, and when she started to cry, I ALMOST started to cry too (but I didn't because I'm a man;) because I was just sooooooo grateful that God blessed us with being able to teach a lesson. And then after that lesson, it was like the heavens opened for us. It was a Thursday, and so first after the lesson we went to get victory ice cream because we deserved it. Then later that night people were opening their doors like crazy to us and we were teaching lessons left and right. All of this came to its climax Sunday when WE HAD A INVESTIGATOR COME TO CHURCH. ALONE. My main man Ariel, who we only have taught Lesson 1 to, came to church all alone without our help at all. He came in during the opening hymn of sacrament meeting and I'm not gonna lie I dabbed right there in sacrament meeting soooooo dang happy. Almost cried again. I don't know how all this happened. After literally two and a half transfers of no success (a little over 4 months) God just decided "ok, we're gonna hit Elder Ashton with some blessings now". Ain't no complaints. If there is one thing I've learned from all this is that God takes us to the very edge of our limits and patience, and then he let's us decide what we're gonna do. Give up or keep working through the suckiness. I was at the edge. But we kept working and the next thing you know it's like our area has turned into a paradise. Feeling blessed. Pictures: victory ice cream with Holmes (I call him Sherlock). Cool lizard we found. My favorite member in our ward, Betty Bude, she always has us laughing and is always giving us 3 liter bottles of soda hahaa (88 years old). God bless you all.-----------Elder Ashton


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