February 4, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Stress - Elder Ashton

So this week was another one in the books. We had a zone conference (pictures) and just worked a ton again. And today for pday we took a ski lift thing to the top of a mountain and got some lit pictures of the entire city of Salta. So that was super fun.
So this week (especially the weekend) put me into stress mode a little bit because of how hard we worked. Literally we were leaving the apartment early to be able to go out and tract more, like every day at least 3 to 4 hours of just specifically tracting every day. We have had no type of progress, about half of our investigators left us by the end of the week, and no one has come to church. As a missionary you're constantly evaluating and re-evaluating yourself to see what you can do better, and at this point I'm out of ideas. I feel like just as I've become the best missionary I've been, the success has stopped completely. And it's just like "whhhhhhaaatttttt¿?¿?!". And on top of it all President just unveiled the new goal of the mission, which is............... "1 baptism per... WEEK". So yeah a bit discouraged but my man Elder Holmes is helping me out a lot because he's a work horse and just wants to grind it out. But yeah, that's the story. Holmes and I have been praying so hard this last week, and yesterday our fast was based around all of this, the lack of success, the bad luck, the sucky weather (it's either super hot, 110 without a cloud in the sky or raining super hard and freezing cold. There's no in-between haha), and the lack of member help. I've been reading this book that my friend Elder Gueller gave me called "Tracting and Member Missionary Work" which has helped me out a lot about what really is our purpose as missionaries and how when we don't have success, the Lord is trying us. New vlog up. I heard my Pats won the Super Bowl (yeah that doesn't exist here) and that ASU beat UofA in OT. Lit stuff. Love you all.--Elder Ashton


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