January 28, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Whoops - Washed the Phone - Elder Ashton

Ok family and friends, another week down from out here in Tribuno, Salta! The grind is real (like real real now)! We have worked so dang hard this week. Definitely the hardest working week in my mission. All the work combined with the normal amount of Cooper goof-ups, has made this week one for the record books. So, my man Elder Holmes, is a straight-up stud. He has a birth defect because the guy had a stroke in his mom's womb. So basically his entire left side of his body is paralyzed. He can't use his left hand, and walks with a limp. But this man straight up told me our first night together that he doesn't use it as an excuse, and that it doesn't slow him down. And the kid did not lie. We got to WORK this week. So, no lie, last transfer with Elder Parra wasn't the best. The members hated the guy because he always annoyed them and our investigators weren't really a fan of him either because of his Peruvian sense of humor. So, basically the guy torched our area last transfer. No investigators and no members willing to help us out. So Holmes (like Sherlock Holmes) and I have basically started from scratch and tracted all day, everyday this week. Saturday we literally contacted for 4 hours straight. It seemed like all the people we were contacting were having a contest of who could reject us in the least amount of words. We got a few "my wife's not home"?? "jodanse" (not gonna translate that one, use google translate at your own risk) or just a finger wag. Pretty lit though! Literally my favorite feeling in the world is when we come to the apartment at night and are dead tired. That way I know we put in the work. So, a couple things different about being senior companion. 1: It's so different being the guy with better Spanish. 2: Now when I don't know what to say to an investigator, I can't just look to my companion. Now I get looked at haha 3: Now when we do something, not good. I get in trouble. Not my companion, haha. That's about it for this week. Tomorrow we have zone conference so that'll be lit. I'll be able to run in to all my old friends of the mish. Oh, and also, I washed our cell phone last night with my clothes. So yeah, that happened. President isn't too happy with me haha. Thanks for writing me everyone love you all!!! Sinceramente, Elder Cooper Ashton
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