January 21, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Transfers - Elder Ashton

So, today was super crazy. And last night also. So, yesterday Elder Parra and I were sitting on our hands all day, super anxious to get the phone call telling us news about transfers. When the call finally came, booooooommm it was super loco. So, Elder Parra got sent to Metan (other part of Salta, almost Tucumán, basically one of the boonies of the mission) and I'm........ staying in Tribuno!!! Wooo!!! My new companion is Elder Holmes. My guy's from Heber, Utah and is such a baller. He's a relatively new missionary. He has only been here for 2 transfers, which makes me senior companion AND stepfather (padrastro (missionary term for the 2nd companion of a missionary)). He's a baller and what I've heard about him is he's a super hard worker. I'm pumped to work with this guy and build up our area! (after Parra burned it down). So, low key stressful being the guy with more time in the mission. Now I gotta make the big time calls and be the leader. But, at the same time I'm just so excited for it all. I love change, so that means I am the biggest fan of transfers in the world. Me and my guy Elder Holmes are gonna contact our area to the ground looking for the "escogidos" (chosens). The goal is to finally baptize this transfer. Basically that's all I've got for this week. We didn't do anything all that exciting. More missionary work hahaha. Thanks to everyone, love you all (also ps sorry for no pics the computers being dumb today).---------------------------- Elder Cooper Ashton


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