January 14, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Good Story - Elder Ashton

So really family and friends I know my last couple weeks of emails have been bummers without any cool stories, but this week I have a really good one hahaha mom if you don't want to worry stop reading now:) So my companion and I have basically opened a mini-area within our area. It's called 14 de Mayo, and it's this giant neighborhood where the missionaries have never worked. There's only one member in the entire neighborhood, so we've just been tracting the crap out of the area. Door to door like the Jehovah's Witnesses. So we were tracting Saturday afternoon and there's this group of 3 dudes out in front of a house, smoking / using "coca" which is like Argentine tobacco chew. I didn't really want to contact them but my companion was like "no it's our job to contact them" and I was like "ok" so we contacted them. One guy, who is ridiculously drunk (at 5 in the afternoon like???), pulls a gun out of his waistband and starts waving it around, cussing us out, coming toward us, telling us he's Atheist and that he's gonna kill us. I start laughing because I think this guy is messing around and continue to contact but my companion starts to freak out and gets ready to run. I realize the guy is NOT joking. Didn't really understand half the stuff he was saying because luckily the only part of my Spanish vocab that still isn't really developed is the bad word department but it still made me fairly upset that he would use that kind of language with us, threaten to kill us and all like bro we are doing some much more with our lives than you are, getting buzzed and threatening to kill some teenagers like bro. I wanted a fight no lie but my companion pulled me away and we finished our day contacting. So yeah that was the cool story but basically this week was another week in the books, lots of contacting and not so much success, but I've realized that the mission isn't just baptisms and smiles and asados. It's really hard work but like the most gratifying work we can do as 18-20 year olds (I think). Transfers this coming week. Probably the most suspenseful transfer of my mission, we legit have no idea what's gonna happen. My companion could go and I could stay, or the reverse, or both of us go and they put sister missionaries back in Tribuno because technically our area is a sisters' area. Or we could both stay. So emails next week should be interesting. Thanks for writing me, and all your support!! Love, Elder Cooper Ashton


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