December 31, 2018

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Miranda Ashton


Hola fam and friends! I really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, with lots of lit presents and parties. Christmas for me was really special this year, and for sure the hardest. I got to video chat with my family (pic attached) and then the rest was spent working as normal. My companion and I went tracking in Santa Claus hats (haha that was ineffective). I got a bunch more letters from home (shout out to everyone who writes me you're the realest). We ate Christmas lunch with this really cool return missionary and her family. They gave us asado (Argentine barbecue) and a cool little key chain present. Really if there is something I'm grateful for this Christmas besides my family, friends, beautiful girls, and flavor-blasted goldfish, it'd have to be members who always help us out and give us food and are so nice to us. You guys don't understand how much it means to the missionaries when you help them out! Missionary work has been a bit rough this past week. Everyone is too busy partying or worshiping the Virgin Mary to let us in, which it is what it is. But, Elder Parra and I are keeping the grind up in hopes that we'll have a baptism here in a couple weeks. The mission grind never stops, not even for the holidays haha. Really I just wanna say how grateful I am for everyone and everything I have in my life. Being in the mish puts into perspective what's really important, and I think I've realized that there's a bit more to life than Chick-fil-a, Fortnite with the bros, and kissing girls (but I still miss all those things very much (hahaha)). Shout out to my brother Tucker, he hits the big 17 on Wednesday, so if you see him be sure to give him a couple b-day punches hehehe (sorry for the lack of pictures we struggled to find a place open to write home because of the whole New Years Eve deal :/Felices Fiestas, Elder Ashton
Fun Fact:
He gets to stay out late to night and party with the members for New Years Eve!


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