December 17, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

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Ok, family and friends, this week was another week of the missionary grind. But, it's alright because I am absolutely loving it here in Tribuno, Salta. It is so weird to be in a ward and not a branch let me tell you. We got to sit down in classes Sunday and not have to teach or give classes or even answer questions. It was so fun. You never know how much you miss something until you've been without it for 6 months haha. So, remember how I said that we were gonna have a baptism for this Saturday? So, we had my main man Cesar (70 years old, Michael Jackson music addict) all lined up for his baptism this Saturday. He passed his interview and everything. So, we wake up early Saturday morning to fill up the baptismal font, and get everything ready. But, 30 minutes before the baptism, he calls us and says he's done with the church and that he's not gonna get baptized. So, we FLY to his house to see what happened. Turns out the night before he went and partied with his buddies and they talked him out of joining the church. It happens I guess, so no baptism for us. So, Elder Parra's birthday was this Tuesday. My birthday present to him was... I got sick again!!! Whewwwww yay love the sick life!! But yeah, I couldn't eat anything for like 36 hours. But, it's all good now. Sister Orquera got me all fixed up. So, in our area we don't have bikes, which means we walk and walk and walk... like the pioneer children (haha if you get this reference you went to primary). Other cool thing about our ward is the the 2nd counselor in the bishopric speaks perfect English because in his mission all of his companions were gringos. So, we get to talk in English and my companion doesn't understand, hahaha. Thats all I've got! Love you all and Merry Christmas!!! The next emails you'll be getting should be Christmas Eve!! Love,Elder Ashton
Fun Facts:1. Sister Orquera, the mission Presidents wife has told him to stay away from fried food and fast food. Hopefully, this will help with his stomach problems.2. He loves Salta. It has big cathedrals everywhere, and it is a bigger city so it has a lot of things.3. They are having a mission Christmas party tomorrow night.


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