December 3, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

Following The Spirit - Elder Ashton

Whaddup family and friends? It's Elder Ashton here, and we're really out here. So, as far as news goes, no baptisms this past weekend, and we're not gonna have any this weekend either. But that's all good! We had interviews with President Orquera this week and he told me not to worry about numbers or baptisms, just put my shoulder to the wheel for this last week before transfers. So, that's what Elder Ferreira and I are gonna do! Also, President told me that yeah, I'm outta here this next transfer. Which, has lightened my load a little bit. I love the people I've met here, the members, and my converts. But, I love change, so this next transfer, next week will be exciting. I loved having interviews. President is such a inspired guy, and I always feel the Spirit around him!! So, this week we were on bikes and we pass this "little person" who was crying, sitting criss-cross-applesauce in the median. The last thing I wanted to do was go and talk to him, but my companion and I got to the stoplight and both felt prompted to go back and talk to the guy. So, we did. Turns out, his name is Ismael, and he was HAMMERED drunk, at like 5 in the afternoon haha. We discovered that he's a baptized member of the church, and actually a teacher in the Aaronic priesthood haha. Who would have thought. We were able to help him into a taxi to take him back to his house. But, it was such a cool experience, because we got to learn from this guy, and talk to him all because we followed the promptings of the spirit! Wild! Since this'll be my final email from here in Aguilares with Elder Ferreira as my companion, figured I'd talk about my guy a little bit. He is a stud! His family is a mess and he's the only member. Yet, he's here on a mission. His older brother is an MMA fighter/drug trafficker (yes you read that right), his sister is in rehab right now, and his dad passed away while he was here in the mission. The guy is such an example to me and I'm so grateful to have had him as a companion. He taught me so much about the scriptures and wow it'll be sad to have a new companion because we are always laughing (check out my vlogs to see the proof). A stud. Time is flying as always, in 3 weeks I'll have been away from home for 6 months. Super loco. A quarter of my mission already gone. I miss everyone a lot but I wouldn't trade these experiences I'm having for the world. Love you guys,Elder Cooper Ashton
Fun Facts:
1. He still hasn't gotten the packages that were sent to him for Thanksgiving.2. Depending on where he gets transferred, we may not hear from him next week.3. They are not getting feed by the members as much as they were a month ago.4. President Trump visited Argentina recently. This caused some problems for them as people tend to get upset with Americans. He had to lay low while traveling. He said some roads where shut down do to protests.


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