November 26, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

trabajemos hasta el ultimo - Elder Ashton

Oh man, here we go family and friends. Another week down in the field, and wow. It is such a grind out here, for real. Just when I'd thought I'd gotten comfortable in the mission, the Lord shakes things up a little bit and "Satanás" throws a few stumbling blocks in the road. This week was another hard one, but I learned some valuable stuff! So to start off, after emailing last p-day, we walked out of the cyber and I was fairly bummed out. I think it was a mixture of the fact that I was missing Thanksgiving, and just because of some news I'd gotten from back home that took the wind out of my sails a little bit. So Tuesday, it was especially hard for me to get motivated to go to work. No one was receiving us, as usual (but that's the norm now) and I was just really homesick. So, we left to work in the afternoon, and I was complaining to my companion. But he just told me "trabajemos hasta el ultimo" or "work until the end". So we worked. And next thing you know it's 8:30pm, and we had visited all our people, except for one inactive family that lived super far from where we were. My companion tells me he's tired and was ready to head back to the pension. But then it was my turn to say "trabajemos hasta el ultimo". So we go and visit this family, sit down and share Ether 12:27 with them. The next thing you know the mom's crying because she said it was exactly what she needed. Moral of the story is no matter how bummed out and tired and homesick you are, you just gotta keep grinding til the work is done. So haha, we did nothing special for Thanksgiving this week. We just took down our Halloween decorations and listened to some Christmas music (church approved of course). This week, Wednesday, we have interviews with the mission president, where I'm expecting to get a confirmation that here in 2 weeks I'll be leaving Aguilares. I'm not gonna lie, I won't be too sad about that, hahaha. We had a grand total of 14 people including us in church this Sunday. This is quite the drop off from last week haha, but that just means we got more work to do. Am I right? Yeah I'm right :) I wish you all a happy start to Christmas music season, and hope Thanksgiving was great for y'all! As we came back to the apartment Thursday night, it hit me that it was Thanksgiving. I started to think about all the stuff I'm thankful for, principally Chick-fil-a, my family, beautiful American girls, and basketball. And all you guys who write me and read my emails, who pray for me and worry about me!! Love you guys! Elder Ashton


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