November 12, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

The Adventures of Elder Ashton

Sometimes as a missionary, you have weeks where you work really super hard, but you get absolutely no results, and it stinks. This week was one of those weeks for my companion and I. We worked so hard, finding new people to teach and trying to follow up with the people we already have. But NO ONE let us into there houses. I think for the entire week we maybe taught 5 actual lessons. The rest was contacting, or going around from one corner of town to the other to our set appointments only to find out that they're actually not interested or aren't there. I'd say it was probably the hardest week as a missionary so far. So of course I did my best to find the joy in the small things. I caught some toads, bought myself some ice cream, started recording some vlogs, and by Saturday I was feeling better about it all. Then, next thing you know I wake up super sick Sunday morning. So bad that we had to go to the hospital after sacrament meeting. They gave me a wicked shot in the butt, which ended up hurting more that the actual sickness. Then they made me sit there for another 2 hours. My companion was gracious enough to document the whole experience with my camera. I'll only send the PG pictures don't worry. They probably would've made me stay longer, but some guy had a bad accident on his motorcycle. So, they shewed us out and we just went about our Sunday as normal after that haha. I've turned to the scriptures a lot this past week, partly because I want to be ready to battle with the next JW we run into but also just because it's good to study the scriptures. I've been reminded of how much I love the story of the sons of Mosiah. About how they were some really wicked guys, but turned their lives around and became some bomb missionaries. I'm always inspired reading that story because it shows just how merciful God is, and is SO willing to bless us as long as we humble ourselves and ask in faith! Because our week was so rough, I don't really have anything else to share! So, of the pictures attached, 2 are from our hospital trip and another is me with what is left of one of the major roads here in Aguilares after the Great Flood 2.0. Thanks for everything! Love you guys!!


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