November 5, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

HALLOWEEN -- Argentina Edition!!

OK y'all, sorry to deceive you with the title of the email. But really, we did nothing for Halloween this week. Argentina hardly even knows what it is. It was rather tragic to look at my calendar this last Wednesday to see it was the 31st, Halloween, and then proceed to leave the apartment and have another average day in the mission field, contacting people that don't want to be contacted, and having appointments fall through. But, that's how it rolls out here I guess.
So, a couple things about my new companion, Elder Ferreira! He's from Serra, Brazil. He's 20 years old and finishes his mission in 2 more transfers. He doesn't know a lick of English. But, before this mission, he was in a rock band, and he really likes Guns N Roses, and ACDC. So, every once in a while, I hear him humming "Sweet Child of Mine" or "Hell's Bells." He's really funny, but also, a really effective missionary. This week he and I found the most new investigators in one week in the mission. He's not afraid to lay down the law with our investigators if they're not living a certain commandment, and I love it. We've worked so hard this last week. We roll into the apartment at night, and 2 of the nights I didn't even bother getting into my PJ's. I was so tired, I just hoped right in bed and passed out. I love to feel that way though!
So, Friday night we spent basically the entire afternoon and night in the house of a Jehovah's Witness. We were just doing normal contacting and so we knock a door and this nice looking man opens the door and immediately invites us in. My companion and I look at each other and are like "No way, golden investigator!!" We sit down at his table and his wife serves us some juice scarily fast. He talks to us calling us "Elder" and the next thing you know, he slams some Bibles down in front of us. He even gave my companion one in Portuguese, proceeds to tell us he's a JW, and then for the next 3 hours absolutely goes at us, reading scriptures from obscure parts of the Bible like Songs of Solomon and Habakkuk. He said some really derogatory things about Joseph Smith too and I was getting heated. My companion tried to answer rationally to this guy's accusations but he heard none of it. So, finally, I just whip out a Book of Mormon, put it on the table in front of him (how you like that hahaha), and proceed to bear my testimony in the clearest, most fluent and well-pronounced Spanish I've used in my mission about how I know the church is true and the BoM, and Joseph Smith, and it all. Then we bailed, left him with the book and an appointment for this Wednesday even though he said he'd refuse to touch it.
When I bore that testimony, it was the first time in my mission where I've gotten really choked up talking about spiritual stuff. My eyes were watering, but I managed to hold back the tears. It's just so lit to have this testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and I'm so glad I can be out here sharing it with the Argentine people.
Sorry for the long email this week. I generally try to keep it shorter than this, but I had a lot of stuff to write about today. Quick explanation of the pictures, one is of a tarantula we found outside our apartment, another is of me and the sunset and the other is me with the daughters of one of the recent converts we're working with. Thanks so much for the emails you write me and the prayers you say for me!!! LES AMO!!!Elder Cooper Ashton
Fun Facts:1. His companion is really good at being a missionary. He's good about time management and about teaching the lessons to the needs of investigators.3. He finally got to weigh myself today and it turns out he has put on 10 pounds.


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