October 29, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

TRANSFERS - Brazilian Boolin

HOLA friends and family. I'm here, coming at you again for the 13th consecutive week in - AGUILARES! Wooooo so pumped to be here for another 6 weeks. Presidente Orquera decided that I should chill here for another transfer while my trainer and good buddy Elder Gustafson got sent away to the province of Santiago del Estero.
So my new companion is this guy named Elder Ferreira. He's from Brazil, and he only has 2 transfers left in the mission. He's a pretty funny guy. But, he has mixed feeling about likely ending his mission here in Aguilares (apparently it has a reputation as one of the worst areas in the mission. I didn't know why until I went through the registry of our area a couple days ago and realized that before Elder Gustafson and I hit the area, there had only been 1 baptism in 8 months). What I've heard about him from other missionaries is that he's super funny.
I'm actually gonna miss my guy Elder Gustafson. We had our fair share of differences but towards the end of this transfer we were just laughing our heads off with each other all time. I learned a lot from this guy, especially about Spanish. But, at the same time I love change, so having a Brazilian companion should be lit and quite the experience.
My expectations for this next transfer is 2 more baptisms before I leave. We've have some good prospects lined up here in the next couple weeks so we will see what happens.
In pictures you've got me with Elder Sperry and Fernandez from Alberdi. A farewell picture with Elder Gustafson (shortly afterward he ripped his pants hahaha), my first time sitting in a car since I left the mission, and the muddy mess that has come as a result of rain everyday for nearly 2 weeks now.
I am absolutely loving the mission life so far and time is literally flying. Cannot believe that its already almost Halloween (Happy Halloween, they don't celebrate it here). Lastly, a shout out to my boi Simon Hixon. My man just got his mission call to Brazil!! Pumped for him I know the guy is gonna kill the mission game. Also, shout out to my kid brother Tucker. The man is destroying everyone in swim and is participating in the state championships this weekend! Love and miss you all, you are all my heroes! Love,Elder Cooper Ashton


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