October 22, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

The Great Flood 2.0

Hello friends and family from the swamp/lake that is Aguilares, Tucumán right now!So, the last 4 days have been wild. It started raining Thursday night and hasn't stopped since then!! It's so crazy! The street in front of our apartment is a lake which makes leaving interesting. And that's basically all the streets here because for some reason the leaders of the city didn't think it's be a good idea to put gutters in the roads hahaha. So, because of all the rain there are a billion toads hopping around everywhere, all the time. So, I've been having a fun time running around and catching them with my bare hands with some of our kid-investigators. I wanted to cook a few of them up and have some toad legs (just like we had on the cruise that one time, remember mom?). But, after consulting with my companion and some of the ladies in our branch, I was told that I'd definitely get really sick and maybe die. So yeah not gonna do that (yet) haha.Elder Gustafson and I have decided that all this rain is God trying to destroy all the iniquidad (iniquity) in Aguilares, and that we are like the prophet Noah. Our apartment is the ark and if the rain doesn't stop soon we're gonna be forced to start gathering a male and female of every animal into our apartment haha (which would be really easy considering the only animals here right now are toads and dogs) :)In other new,s I gave my second talk in the branch this Sunday! The branch president told me to pick a topic and "bajar la caña de los miembros" (basically to roast the members and tell them to get to work). Elder Gustafson gave a talk too, and so we tag-teamed, and absolutely laid down the law. It was so much fun haha. He talked about ministering (which doesn't really exist in branches) and I talked about Humility and Obedience, 2 of the Christlike Attributes. It was a ton of fun and I'm to the point now where the only thing I need to give talks is the scriptures, no notes or anything.We had interviews with Presidente Orquera this last week, and it looks like I'll probably be staying in Aguilares for the next transfer while Elder Gustafson goes and serves somewhere else. He bugs out of here in a week which makes me a little sad because I've grown to love the guy even though we're super different. Now we're always laughing and having a good time! But, I'm excited too for the next transfer and the change it'll bring!Thanks so much for all your love and support, really I don't think any missionary could survive without all the prayers we receive! I get choked up every time a member says a prayer and asks to bless "los ángeles missioneros" (the angle missionaries) and I know that I'm getting a ton of those prayers too from home! So thanks and I'll hear from y'all again this next week!Love,Elder Ashtonp.s. pictures attached!

Fun Facts:
1. The restaurant you see pictured is in San Miguel de Tucuman called Black Plan (Black bread). He says they have quality American burgers and fries and tastes just like home. Their gimmick is the bread is black but it tastes normal maybe even better than regular bread.
2. Cooper and his companion do about 1 service project per week and are always looking for ways to help people.


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