October 15, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

BAUTISMOS -- Fun Times of Elder Ashton

AMIGOS, FAMILIA, CHICAS LINDAS, do I have some news for y'all!! Ya boi had his 2nd and 3rd baptism of the mission this last Saturday. Wild stuff am I right?! Pictures attached!! So we finally, baptized Yisel and Sofìa, 2 of the kids who we've been teaching for the past month or so. They both passed the baptismal interview Friday Night and we baptized them Saturday morning, confirming them Sunday morning in church. But, it was a struggle to get to that point let me tell you. Our adventure started Thursday night as it was POURING rain, like buckets. And neither my comp or I have rain jackets, so I was just chillin in my sweater all night, which I think actually did more harm than good because all the water just soaked right in and stuck there hahah. But yeah, so we were worried that they weren't gonna pass the interview and wanted to go over the questions with them real fast but they weren't in their houses so we proceeded on a wild goose chase in the rain on bike for 2 HOURS before we finally found them and went over the interview with them one last time. It sucked so much, but we really saw that the Lord rewards hard work as they passed the interview and we got to baptize them. Such a good experience!!! We even cooked grandma Ashton's famous chocolate chip cookies for the baptism, and everyone loved them! Thanks for sending the recipe grandma!I’m so settled into this life now. It’s crazy how much of a change it’s been. But, it’s awesome! It’s gonna be so whack going back to the normal after the mission, where I’m not gonna be trying all the time to talk to random people I don’t even know about religion. But, haha I’m sure loving it right now.Transfers are in 2 weeks and there are 2 possible scenarios of what could go down: 1- Elder Gustafson gets moved to a different area and I stay for at least 1 more transfer here in Aguilares (this is most likely gonna happen) or 2- I get transferred to a different area and Elder Gustafson stays in Aguilares. I’m happy with either outcome because no matter where I’m at I’m doing the same work!!Thanks so much to everyone who has ever been an example to me in my life. I look at the families of these 2 qirls we baptized where no one are members and all drink and smoke and use drugs and how sad it is. These girls have NO good examples in their lives yet they still chose to follow Christ and be baptized. I doubt that I would’ve been the same if I hadn’t had the ton of good examples that I did!Love you all tons,ELDER COOPER DAVIS ASHTON
Fun Facts:1. He has filtered water from a special faucet in the house. They just have to worry about water they drink from other people houses.2. They have been having a tone of rain. They can't really use umbrellas because they are on their bikes most of the time. Like he stated, he doesn't have a rain jacket so he just gets wet. He claims he hasn't been able to find a rain jacket to buy.3. He says that he has leaned so much of the language from his companion Elder Gustafson because he is the best Spanish speaking gringo in the mission.7. His favorite Argentinian meal to make is guiso, which is basically a hobo stew of vegetables, beef, and rice.


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