October 8, 2018

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Miranda Ashton


Amigos!!!! Gee wiz what a weekend am I right! What a weekend to be a member of the Church! These past couple days have been soooo lit!So, General Conference was amazing. I watched the Saturday sessions in Spanish and I got most of it. The talks were awesome, especially Dallin H. Oak's. That was straight fire. But then Sunday I went on splits with Elder Sperry, one of the missionaries from the newest group in the mission, so we could watch it in English. And gee wiz am I glad we got to do that because there were some bangers of talks Sunday. My favorite was Holland's, talking about how we have to forgive others and not hold grudges. As I was taking notes I realized that I have a couple people that I need to ask for forgiveness from! We can't just sit on our hands and hope their grudge against us or our grudge against them goes away! We gotta take action and ask for forgiveness, regardless of who we think is in the right! I also loved Elder Eyring's talk, especially when he talked about singing hymns and praying with his wife. I got choked up listening to that. Renlund's talk was super good too.Needless to say conference was a awesome experience for me. It made me realize how much I've been slacking off these past 18 years of my life for sleeping or being on my phone during conference instead of listening to the words of our prophets. I'm definitely gonna be more focused on conference as I return from my mission and start living life like normal again. (I'm not even gonna mention the 2 hr church change you already KNOW how pumped I am for that)!!I found a way to upload my pictures for this week, so enjoy the pics of me baking cookies for our baptism that still hasn't happened and a picture of a page of my conference notes from this past weekend!!So Friday, we had zone conference and I finally got to meet a bunch of the newest shipment of missionaries, even newer than me! There's a ton of them from Mesa (like 4 I think) so it was cool getting to talk to them about life back in the ole AZ. I talked to Hermana Campbell, one of the new missionaries from Mesa and turns out she has the same dentist as me haha! She said Dr. Turley wanted her to tell me to brush my teeth haha which is sooooo important here because we basically exclusively drink soda haha thanks Dr. Turley.That's all I got for y'all this week, I hope you all enjoyed conference as much as I did (unlikely) and I hope you're all enjoying it cooling down in AZ as it's getting even hotter here in Tucumán. Some days I feel like I'm gonna melt.
Fun Facts:
1. Saturday Cooper watched Conference in Spanish in the chapel in Concepcion. Sunday they watched it in the office of their branch President in Aguilares in English.2. They have a lady in their ward that sews for them for free. She fixes their pants.3. He has made a budget for his money for the month and trying to stick to it.4. He has hit 2 electronics stores in the area to try and find a cord to upload pictures from his camera without luck. His camera has wifi, but no place in his area has wifi. For pictures this week, he put his memory card in his companions camera and used his cord. Hopefully they will figure something else out soon.


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