October 1, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

Spiritual Clean Up Crew (Week 15)

So, to Mom and all the people out there who like seeing me send home pictures, I have bad news for you. My USB cord for my camera is busted. So, I don't know when the next time I'll be able to send home pictures is :(((((So, this time I'm gonna get my funny story at the beginning. So, Elder Gustafson and I were sitting in the adult Sunday school class this Sunday (normally we're in the youth class) because we'd been told that false doctrine had been getting preached in there. So, we came in ready and willing to lay down the law and play spiritual clean up crew. The lesson ended up being fairly tame. We only corrected the teacher once. But, the best part was, about halfway thru the class, a drunk guy stumbles into the class from the street. He was absolutely hammered out of his mind. He proceeded to wander around the class and tell everyone his name before plopping down next to my comp and I. I share my scriptures with him and all the adults are doing their best not to laugh. The drunk began to call me Lucas (bruh, I literally have a name tag) before Elder Gustafson and I decided it was time to lead him out of the church. He gave us both big goodbye hugs before hoping into his car (which he had left running, which you NEVER do in Tucumán) and driving away. I hope he got home safe.This past week we had the absolutely most disgusting food I've had in my life at the houses of one of our investigators, vegetarian hamburgers. I know I know, just seeing that name on your screen disgusts you. It is an abomination that someone would take the meat out of a hamburger. And it tasted just as bad as it sounds. But, I cleaned my plant nonetheless, because here in the mission I have a saying, which is "Down the Hatch". Unfortunately this made Nicolas think that I enjoyed it so he threw the rest of the patties on my plate and hit me with a thumbs up. I wanted to die. But as I say, down the hatch am I right?My comp and I made cookies this Friday because we were planning on having a baptism this Saturday, but our zone leaders got there to give the interview and Yisel did not pass :(((( We need to teach certain things a bit better but we probably aren't gonna baptism her this weekend either because of General Conference :(Speaking of Gen Conf I am so flipping excited. I get the spirit just thinking about it haha the last couple weeks Elder Gustafson and I have have been exclusively listening to the talks from the last 4 general conferences. We are so flipping pumped for this weekend. Apparently there's gonna be more big changes. So pay attention, because it's such a big deal to be able to listen to the prophet of God!!That's all I've got for you this week, thanks so much for everything y'all do! Especially for your prayers. Whenever we're in the house of members and they say a prayer to bless us and keep us safe I feel it every time so strong and it makes my eyes water up. And I want y'all to know that your prayers do the same!!!Chau!!!!Elder Ashton
Fun Facts: In answer to some of his mom's questions
1. He does not have a bike helmet. They are supposedly getting some soon.2. The water is apparently not great. His companion told him to go ahead and drink it to build up his immunity. He has been having some stomach problems. He tries not to drink the water if possible.
Cooper would love to get paper mail in addition to emails.His mailing address is:
Elder Cooper AshtonArgentina Salta MissionCasilla de Correo 4294400 SaltaSaltaArgentina


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