September 25, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

Heat Wave - Worse than Arizona Summers

Hola friends and family! it's Elder Ashton here, writing home in the middle of one of the worst heat waves in Argentine history. It's soooo hot. A few weeks ago when it was cold out, I kept saying that I couldn't wait for the heat. I'm from AZ, and I can handle any summer. Boiiii was I wrong! About a week ago it got super flippin hot out of nowhere. Whenever I ask how hot it is, I get told around 38/39 degrees Celsius, which translates to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Which isn't super bad, comparing to AZ summers. But, the thing is, spring literally only started here 3 days ago. And, it is soooo humid. Walking and biking in dress clothes 24/7 "chupa a ful" (sucks a lot). But, I'm surviving, we finally got the AC to work in our apartment the other day. S,o things are looking up!The past couple weeks I've been thinking more and more about how much my Spanish has improved since the MTC. About how now I can hold conversations with people, and get myself around the city. And, I can really only attribute it to the Gift of Tongues. Because, really no one becomes fluent in a language after 3 months. So I feel super blessed.Not a ton has happened this past week. In the attached pics you'll see a picture of the collection I've started of cards of all the catholic saints they worship here. I've started calling them pokemon cards of the saints because of how the cards look, which my comp thinks is hilarious. The other attached pic is my freshly shined shoes that I did for myself the very first time in my life. Not bad, eh? (no pictures were sent)We've got plans to baptize all the little kids that we took to church last Sunday and the Sunday before this Saturday. We're just holding out on permission from their parents right now. We'll see what happens. But it's possible that we baptize five or six 9-11 year olds this week. Fingers crossed!We did have a pretty crazy day the other day. So we started it off when one of the brothers of one of our investigators showed us his marijuana plant and told us "You know, you guys are cool. Anytime you guys wanna hit a blunt, come on over here" and I busted out laughing but he was dead serious. Haha we need to teach that family the word of wisdom sometime soon hahaha. Then the crazy day continued with us being in the house of one of the kids we're (hopefully) gonna baptize this week when all of a sudden the mom runs into the room yelling "The geese have escaped!!" and everyone gets up and goes out into the neighborhood to chase after their pet geese. I was dying because it wasn't a "wild goose chase" it was a tame goose chase hahahaha.Other than that this is about it. I'm super happy to hear my buddy Elder Prusse and cousin Elder Ashton are alive and well after that super typhoon last week. Crazy stuff!Thanks for all your love and support,Elder Ashton
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