September 10, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

The Adventures of Elder Ashton

Whattup family and friends? Elder Ashton here WEEK 6 from the mission field. My first transfer is almost over and time is literally flying. So I have a super funny and awesome story to tell this week but I'm gonna save it for the end of the email so I can get all the other stuff out first.
So first off I've been listening to the talk "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox a couple times this past week and let me tell you that is one heck of a talk. I highly recommend that everyone listens to it because it's just super enlightening and powerful and definitely made me a smarter person after hearing it. So listen and be enlightened!! Also I am super flippin excited for General Conference here in a month, you guys literally have no idea. General Conference for missionaries is like the Super Bowl is for the biggest football fan in the world. It's such a blessing to be able to receive direction from the mouthpieces of God, and I'm sad it took me serving a mission to realize that (haha before the mission General Conference was an excuse to stay in pj's all day and sleep I know I'm bad), but I'm just so pumped right now for it!!So here in Aguilares there's this thing called the "fería" which is just the flea market every Tuesday and Friday and last week the morning before we had interviews with the president we went to the fería and I bought some lit Argentina merchandise including a soccer jersey of the team I have chosen to be fan of here in Argentina, River Plate (little background about that so basically there's two really popular club soccer teams in Argentina, Boca and River Plate. I chose to be a fan of River and my comp is a fan of Boca so its fun whenever we're visiting with someone we ask which team they follow and it's always a grand debate haha so fun), and I also bought this sweet Gucci Jacket (check the pics). I died laughing when I saw it I was like oh yes please take my 400 pesos (10 US dollars).Ok super funny story time so the other day Elder Gustafson and I decided we were gonna go contacting in the morning in this place called "Los Sarmamientos" which is this little pueblo about 30 minutes outside of Aguilares by bike that is technically a part of our area but the missionaries never visit there because of how far it is but we're like hey those people need salvation too so let's go visit them and it was just a brutal bike ride. Quads and Hamstrings on fire, we were so flippin tired when we got there. So we contact there for 3 hrs with minimal success and before you know it it's time to head back to Aguilares for our lunch appointment. Neither of us were ready for the ride back we were soooo tired. But right as we're pulling out of the pueblo this giant semi-ish truck starts pulling out in front of us, pulling 3 of these giant trailers full of sugarcane. So naturally it starts out super slow because of how heavy it's load is. So Gustafson and I start passing it when suddenly he tells me "Grab onto it we're gonna hitch a ride!" So I debate the pros and cons of it, pros being we don't have to pedal, cons being we would probably die. But I was super tired so I decided to grab on haha. And so the truck really starts moving and we are FLYING down the highway back towards Aguilares. One hand grabbing onto the trailer the other steering. I was laughing my head off it was definitely the most fun thing I've done in the mission so far. Maybe a third of the way back to Aguilares and we pass this big group of farmers about to start working in the fields and they see us and shout something that I think translates to "Hey the missionaries are so cool! (or maybe "The missionaries are trying to die!)" and I just kept laughing and hit em with the hang loose sign haha. We ended up getting back to Aguilares with plenty of time, feeling well rested and 100% alive. It was so fun haha this is what I'm here for.Anyways that's what I got for this week hope you all enjoyed story time with Elder Ashton and I'll see you all next week!!Elder Ashton
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