August 27, 2018

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Miranda Ashton


Hola amigos and amigas, Elder Ashton here from Aguilares again, where the field is white and all ready to harvest. I've got so many stories to tell haha but I'm just gonna stick with the highlights.
First of all, ya boi had his first baptism. I got to baptize this 12 year old stud Benjamín. We've been teaching him since I got here, and his parents finally gave us the go-ahead to baptize him. He was so prepared, and he's gonna get the Aaronic priesthood this coming Sunday! So exciting and awesome. The baptism just filled me with this spirit that just makes me want to work super hard and grind day and night to find new investigators to baptize.
Unfortunately, my comp doesn't quite have the same work ethic which has been a bit of a source of contention the past couple days, but we're grinding thru it. Living with another person who isn't your family and being with them 24/7 is rough and so sometimes we both just gotta cut each other some slack.
In some other news, this week was our first week where we haven't had a lunch appointment every day of the week. For 2 days we were on our own for lunch, so we made one of my favorite dishes both times: gizo. It's this stew with rice meat and various vegetables, and it is so good. Check the pics to see Chefs Ashton y Gustafson cooking and enjoying our food (it literally took 2 hours both times to make so we REALLY enjoyed it hahaha).
I'm loving it out here soooo much. I got to go on splits with another missionary, Elder Nelson from Utah and that was the most effective day of working I'd had. We were competely obedient and WORKED all day. Hard work. And it paid off with 5 new investigators. I look up to that guy a ton, he's my best friend in the district right now. I wanna be as good a missionary as him.
Can't wait to keep learning and keep baptizing! I finally took pictures this week so enjoy.
Elder Ashton
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1. He is eating pizza now. He never liked it before his mission.2. He is developing strategies to deal with all the dogs.Show original message


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