August 20, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

A Sad Sunday --- BOOOOO

Heyo family and friends, it's Elder Ashton here again from my 2nd P-Day here in the field. Aguilares is still a party!
So the reason this email is titled the way it is is because we had a killer week of contacting this last week. We had about 20 new investigators, and we were really hopeful for all of them. And of all our investigators in total, we had 15 of them committed to come to church with us this Sunday. And would you like to know how many of them showed up to church?? Exactly zero. A grand ole goose egg. I was so mad and sad but my comp was like "Yeah, that's the way it goes". Ahhhh why can't you just keep the committments you make?!
We are super hopeful to have our first baptism this week though, with this young blood we've been teaching named Benjamín. The kids a stud, he's had all the lessons, and he's attended church enough times to be baptized. Unfortunately, his dad is super Catholic and hasn't given him permission to be baptized yet. Frustrating, but I know the Lord provides a way for all to obey his commandments -- and Benjamín is no different.
I wiped outttt hard this week on my bike. Tore up my left hand, and sprained my right wrist. Turned a lit shade of blue and I'm just now starting to be able to use it again, so shaking hands with people with was fun -- they probably wondered why I was making faces when we shook hahaha.
So here in Argentina there are buses, taxis, and these things called remis. We use remis the most. Basically, they are ghetto taxis where you just pay a flat fee to get from city to city. None of the cars were made before 1990, and we're fairly certain about half the fleet is stolen anyways. The drivers are hilarious too. They're all these old Catholic dudes who don't give a boodon about traffic laws. But the best part is, right when they're about to run a red light, or break a diffferent law, they make the little catholic cross thing with one of their hands. And then proceed to immediately break the law. Hilarious and scary at the same time hahaha.
My little recommendation for all of you is to try some Argentine mate sometime. It's this lit, tea-like drink that tastes like dirt and grass but we drink it all the time here and I love it now. Throw a ton of sugar in it and it is so good.
That's all. Thanks for your support family and friends, I love you all for it. Pics to come next week, I forgot my camera today.
Paz!Elder Ashton
Fun Facts:
1. The language is coming slowly. Castellano is so different than Mexican Spanish. His first week he and his companion spoke a lot of English. But, now his companion is pushing him to only speak Spanish which is helping.

2. This week he is heading back to Salta to get some immigration stuff taken care of then they have zone conference. So there will be a lot of travel this week.
3. Mom found some pictures to share that had been sent to her spam folder.
4. He says his apartment is terrible, but apparently it is one of the nicer ones in the mission. They don't have a door to the bathroom or a shower curtain. And apparently they don't really use toilet paper, just bidets.


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