August 7, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

SALTA!!! El Campo Misional

Whaddup gang this is Elder Ashton coming at you live from... that's right, Salta, Argentina!! After a brutal 9 hr flight from Mexico City to Buenos Aires, a 9 hr layover in Buenos Aires, and a 2 hr flight to Salta, I've made it!
The mission is soooo pretty, but not in the pretty jungle way that you all are thinking -- it's actually so much like AZ here it ridiculous I feel so at home and I love it. Salta the city, where I'm out right now, is a lot like St. John's if you know what that is, but just a lot bigger and everything is in Spanish. It's all different shades of brown. But Salta isn't the only province of Argentina in my mission. We've got Salta, Jujuy, Santiago, and one other that I can't remember the name of right now. It gets fairly hot in all of them during the summers, with Santiago being the hottest at maxes around 115. Just like home :)
My mission president is so cool! He speaks no English and is supposedly fairly famous here in Argentina because he's the founder of some famous Argentine drink company -- the man is loaded.
Life is going great right now I can't stop smiling even though I'm running on probably a combined 6 hrs of sleep for the past 2 nights. But I get to hit the hay early tonight and sleep in tomorrow, so that is wonderful.
As my and my Salta bois were heading out of the airport to the mission home, we ran into some guys who had just finished up their missions in Salta and were flying home. One of them told me "Don't forget, this is the best 2 years of your life" and honestly I'm so excited for it to start!
Tomorrow morning I find out who my trainer is. I'll be with him in one area for 2 transfers minimum (3 months). I'll also be finding out where exactly i'll be serving, which is super exciting, almost like another mission call opening. Can't wait.
Aight friends (and mother) sorry for no pictures. I've taken a ton but don't have my connector cord on me to upload them, it's still in my bags. My first P-Day is Monday, I'll try and get them uploaded by then!
Love you so much,Elder Ashton
Fun Facts:
1. His P-day in now on Mondays2. He is allowed to do Google Hangouts on his P-day


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