August 2, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

I Outta Here!

Whaddup fans and followers of Elder Ashton, I'm writing to you from my last P-Day here in the CCM. Official exciting news is that I have my flight from here to Buenos Aires, Argentina at 10am Monday morning, which means I leave the CCM around 6am. So excited to get outta here. The last couple days it's been feeling like a prison. From Buenos Aires, I sleep there overnight, and then I fly up to Salta the next morning around 6 I think.
This last week has been slowwwww as heck. Never thought I would even make it alive to P-Day, but here I am.
Hermana Caley Crook, and Elderes Cade Loar and Bracken Trudoh made it here to the CCM! So cool to finally meet a couple people I know! Hermana Crook delivered a good package my fam sent me, and I am so grateful for it. I have for sure been missing my Flavor-Blasted Goldfish, Hot Tamales, and quality American hair gel, plus a lot other stuff (check the pics to see evidence that it got to me). They also sent me a photo book of a bunch of memories, I attache one of my fav graduation pics from it here too.
One of my companions, Elder Yagual, is making a slow but steady recovery. He's able to eat whole meals again and can come to classes with us now. So cool to see that the Lord blesses those who serve him!
My other two companions, I've had very different experiences with. Elder Joachin is a baller and I love the guy to death. I'm gonna miss him for sure. Elder Segama, on the other hand, has been a handful and I'm really not getting along with him at all. He's the district leader and I think he has gone mad with power. Last night he lectured me, in front of the rest of our district, on being exactly obedient. And even though it's hard, I'm keeping it together because we've been studying Christlike Attributes lately and I decided to work on patience. So I'm trying to implement it. We'll see how that works out, hahaha.
My Spanish is as good as ever, can't wait to get out into the field and use it for real. I've been doing some translating work here at the CCM, which is super stressful but also super fun. It makes me feel so powerful haha.
Well, the next time you here from me it'll most likely be from Salta! Sorry for the small amount of pictures this week, didn't really do anything very exciting. Next week will be a different story, I'll try and document my travels. Don't know when I'll be getting to write exactly, but I'm guessing it'll be right after I arrive in the mission home.
Semana 6/104


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