July 27, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

The Cooper (Elder Ashton) Chronicles Week 5

Wooooo I have so much to say and probably not enough time. Here goes:
First off, I'd like to apologize in advance for the spelling errors I don't catch. It's been a week and a half of non-stop español and I'm starting to second guess my English. It's good but also worrying at the same time hahaha.
First off -- my new companion(s)! So my Latino companion that was supposed to show and was from Argentina never arrived so they moved me to a trio (as in I have 2 companions) of Elder Segama from Lima, Peru, and Elder Joachin (pronounced Wah-cheen) from Oaxaca, Mexico.The first couple days with the guys were brutal, because even though my Spanish was good, it turns out I was pretty prideful in my evaluation of "fluent" and their Spanish totally kicked my butt. But now, my Spanish is leaps and bounds better than it was a week and a half and ago. Grateful for this experience for sure.
Also technically I have 4 companions, but the other guy, Elder Yuagual, is only our companion for meals and sleeping. The story behind him is that he got here about a month ago from Ecuador and he got this absolutely awful stomach bug. He has been in the hospital for 4 weeks and just got out yesterday, had a 5th of his intestine removed, and didn't eat for first 15 days of the bug. Lost about 50ish pounds -- I think (trying to convert kilos to pounds is rough). So he's on a super regimented meal and sleep plan now that he is out of the hospital. If yall are keeping me in your prayers (which I really appreciate) please throw Elder Yuagual in there too. Mucho Gracias.
Went to the Ciudad de Mexico Temple again today with my new companions, was super awesome and spiritual again. Check the attached pics to see my companions and I in 2 of them, and then another one should be me absolutely beat and ready to get back to the CCM, munching on a bag of goldfish my parents sent me (love you Mom and Dad!)
The other attached pic is of me in my hula girl socks. Decided to attach it because even though I know that they're against mission protocol, I've been wearing them anyways. I didn't think anyone was noticing haha. Well Tuesday night, for our weekly devotional, President Bennett got up to the people and gave a fiery speech about exact obedience, in which me and my hula girl socks were directly called out. in front of 700 missionairies. Turns out someone had noticed hahaha. Moral of the story -- obey with exactness.
Crazy to think I'm 13 days away from getting out of here and heading to the mission field. Sometimes I can get pretty couped up here and start calling it a prison (or carcel, en español) but I'm genuinely grateful for all that I've learned here. It has been an experience for sure.
Another shoutout to my boi Elder Everton! Just read his first email from the Chile MTC and it sounds like he is killing the game. Love my bros!
As always, I love and miss you all!
--- Èlder Cooper Ashton


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