July 17, 2018

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Miranda Ashton

Official Halfway Done!!

Whaddup gang, it's Elder Ashton here back at it again from the Mexico MTC. I'm writing to you on a Tuesday rather than a Friday because since I'm getting my new Latino companion today, I won't get my P day this Friday, which means that you won't be hearing from me again until Friday the 27th.
I'm becoming the king of slang (which is banned) here at the CCM. My signature phrases include "¿Está tratando de pararme?" which translates roughly to "Are you trying to pull up on me?" and "No me meto con la salsa" which means "I don't mess with the sauce". I've also spread the use of the word "boodons" (if you know you know) around a lot here. Every once in a while I'll say "¡Ese es un montón de boodones!" (that's a load of boodons).
I'm meeting my new companion later today. He is supposedly from Argentina (which is where I'm going. so cool!!!). I hope he's a fan of baloncesto (basketball) because that is basically all I've been playing in my gym time since I got here. Been saucing absolutely everyone.
It's probably for the best I'm getting a new companion, because we had our first fight on Sunday (weird I know sounds like I'm describing a relationship hahaha). The fight revolved around the fact that he's sick of me picking on him for going to the bathroom so often, and I'm sick of him having to go to the bathroom (and dragging me along with him) every 15 minutes! It's getting so ridiculous, the man is driving me off the walls with it. But, I just apologized because we only had 2 more day as compañeros.
Crazy to think it's already been 3 whole weeks since I left the ole 480 for the mission life. 3 weeks from tomorrow I leave on a flight to Argentina, and then the real fun begins. So excited for what the Lord has for me out on the streets of Salta. It's gonna be so fun.
Shout out to my boi, Elder Prusse, who leaves for the Phillipines from the Provo MTC here in a couple weeks. The guy is gonna kill it. And another shout out to my main brotha, Dallin (soon to be Elder) Everton who leaves for the Chile MTC tomorrow. These guys are gonna be such good missionaries and I'm super pumped for them.
Also, one last shout out to my man Simon Hixon who hooked me up with these sweet Hula girl socks that have become infamous in my district here at the CCM (see pics).
I'll keep you posted on my new Latino companion next time I get to email for sure. Thanks to everyone who's been sending me emails, and thanks for everyone's prayers!
Love you all,
Elder Ashton
Interesting note:The hula girls socks were given to a group of 6 boys at a graduation thing. They all have the same socks to remind them of each other. A hula girl is probably not mission appropriate, but for this group of boys, it's perfect.
If you want to email Cooper, his address is below.


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