July 13, 2018


Mexico City MTC


Elder Hunter

Spiritual Experiences On Top of Spiritual Experiences

Whadddduuuup this is Elder Ashton from his 3rd week here in the Mexico MTC!
So if you couldn't tell from my email last week, the first week here really took it out of me. Time moved in slow motion I swear, the first 3 days here felt like 3 months. But it's finally picking up, and I'm having a ton of fun down here now.
Either the food has improved, or I am suddenly starting to like Mexican food. Either way, I've been eating way better and enjoying my time (and meals) a ton more.
I'm starting to get along better with my companion! Even though we have absolutely nothing in common, he's gotten used to my sense of humor and has even started to make fun of me! Haha we're having a ton of fun. Sad news is, as of Tuesday next week, there's a solid chance we're not gonna be companions any more. Both of our Spanish has gotten so good that the President here at the MTC wants to switch us to Latino companions for the next 3 weeks (as in they won't speak a lick of English). So that is simultaneously sad, scary, and super duper exciting. Can't wait to see what happens!! (Also as a side note, if I do end up with a new companions, there's a solid chance that I don't get to send out an email next Friday, so mom, please don't freak out and think the cartels got to me or something haha).
Today we got to go on a temple trip to the Mexico City Temple. So pretty!!!! Attached are a couple of the pics I got of the city on the ride there, the temple, and yours truly in front of the temple. Even though the whole session was in Spanish, I know enough to have understood most of it and it was so cool!
I've had a ton of spiritual experiences this week, too many to tell. But a super cool one was this Wednesday night. Every Wednesday night volunteers from the city come into the MTC to have the missionaires that are in training give lessons to them. Members, non-members, inactives, Buddhists -- you name it they were there. My compañero and I got to give a lesson to the super nice 12 year old girl on the importance of prayer. The Spirit was so strong and it just made me soooo excited to get out into the mission field for real and do that stuff all day long.
My parents sent me tabs for my scriptures, and I went wild with them. Check the attached pics to see how cool my Libro de Mormón and Santa Biblia look now :)
I've also been memorizing a ton of scriptures in Spanish. The first Vision, Moroni's Promise -- I've got it all memorized. Check out the pic of my notebook with all the memorized scrips.
I'm getting less and less homesick every day, but I still miss everyone a tonnnnn. It's been killing me not be able to spend time with my favorite people, play Mariokart with the fam, and squad up on Fortnite with the bros! I just want to tell ya'll that I love you and miss you a bunch. My favorite part of the week is definitely Fridays, and it's not just because I get to speak English, but also because I get to read everything that y'all send me.
Abrazos y Besitos (Hugs and Kisses),Elder Ashton
Semana 3/104
Fun Facts:
1. Only two other Elders in his district are headed to Salta, Argentina. The others are going to Chile, Peru, and Mexico.
2. Looks like he might be flying straight to Argentina instead of the original plan of flying to Atlanta, Georgia, then to Argentina.


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