February 5, 2019




Elder Saavedra

Week 29 Granjas

QOTW: "I only classify as a child of God"
Well you gorgeous potatoe loving people of idaho and the united states of america how are you how is winter treating you? haha so this quote was one i heard when we were contacting some guy and we asked if he was catholic or christian, and he said no. i only classify myself as a child of god. Oh hahaha well that is fantastic man cause we believe the same thing. but it made me think, how we classify ourselves in this day and age. Are we the best salesman, the most popular kid, do we sometimes forget our divine potential? Well stop it, if you know youre a child of god, you know that he loves you and can help and wants to help you with anything and everything. I know He loves us, for that reason we are here on Earth in families. 
Well this week was jam packed with teaching new people and putting baptismal dates for some of them. We put a baptismal date for the two brothers, Juan Pablo and Julian! they are so good and so ready. yesterday we had a visit with the older brother, Juan Pablo and we talked about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration a little more. He said it all makes sense. And well, it just does. This whole message has a familliar ring to it... that sometimes people dont even bother to listen.  The message is simple, God loves us. We are his children. He sent his son. Through his son we can be saved. We NEED to follow jesus christ and walk how he walked, not just where he walked. It is hard sometimes yes, but all things can be done with christ. 
My testimony about this Church of Jesus Christ will remain firm and steady throughout the eternities... i know that this is the true and only church of Jesus Christ and that he is leading it through his prophets again.  He loves us, come and hear the message. Read the book of mormon... pray. I know Heavenly Father answers every prayer... have faith brothers and sisters,  and keep pressing on. Love you all have a splendid week!
Sorry no photos this week i didnt take any haha didnt want to get robbedLoveElder Anderson


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