January 28, 2019




Elder Saavedra

Week 28

QOTW: Its not what you look at that matters, it's what you see
Good ole fire quote from Thoreau, thanks Dad. So yeah folks this week was to legit to quit. Hahah nah it was a normal week, we got a new house! were finally living in our area and dont have to walk to it... more blessings! haha we just dont have anything inside the new house, but its okay we will find them. Um we played soccer today and I scored 6 times, and had a header to win!! Fifa must have taught me somthing because i was actually playing soccer not like a gringo! haha we had 3 teams of 6 and our team won the most, 18 games haha lets gooo. Team work baby that is the secret. 
Well a cool story this week we had an earthquake, like a 4.9 but i felt nothing haha. It happened when we were living 4 missionaries in one house, and half the house felt it and half no HAHA! but just now as i was writing this we had another one and it was weirdddd haha so cool, my computer was wonking out and my seat was moving like a drunk man... but cool it was cool. 
So this quote is one that my amazing dad Clay shared with me... and it is just so true. Especially in the work of the Lord. If we look at people like they are, how they are the current situation, we could make some assumptions. Like Bro Mo if someone didnt know he has baby feet syndrome they would forget that he is a child of God and a great teacher! Haha no but seriously sometimes we forget that everyone in this world, is a child of God. Our brothers, our sisters. Why are we letting them perish in unbelief? Something I am trying to do right now is teach my investigators like i would teach a family member who has either chosen to leave the church, or who hasnt heard the great message. It is helping me develop love for them. Christ like love, love that abides and motivates. 
We are teaching 2 brothers Julian, 12 and Juan Pablo, 18... literally almost like my 2 brothers. I am doing all I can to teach them the importance of this message, and how much God loves them. I am not the best teacher, or the best missionary... but i know my divine potential and that of my brothers and sisters of Colombia. I am working my hardest and being obedient, and we will see blessings. I have only had 3 baptisms so far in my mission, but thats okay. I am putting forth my effort and drawing closer to the Lord every day.... what more could i do? I will have patience and work on faith and all the divine attributes of Christ. He knows how i feel right now... I feel lost in the work, i am working, but not seeing results. To me that is okay, it is one of the hardest things but i will continue to work, i only have 2 years to wear the plaque... that is one of the great things i have learned thus far in my mission, how to deal with adversity. Dont let it tear you down, let it motivate you. Take challenges as learning experiences to grow. I am doing so great and learning patience. So hard to do and endure but i know everything will work out fine. Love you all so much have a good week.
LoveElder Anderson

Santi! one of my best friends of the ward! he will serve a mission soon!
Soccer team! we won 18 games today


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