January 22, 2019




Elder Saavedra

Familly - Week 27

Hello family. Week 26 or 27. Doesn’t matter.

We’re here another week and the work is going well. We’re
teaching and contacting a lot. 

Still love the people here. Super fun to serve. Mom wanted
to know what the daily interactions are so I’ll give you a run-down.

So, usually we wake up, I write in my journal, do a bit of
exercise, study, and then get out there and start working.

Still trying to figure out the most effective way to teach.
It’s still kind of hard, but it’s alright. You learn every day. Also, I’m
trying to rely completely upon the spirit to help me, because I know that he
can teach people a lot better than I can. So I’m trying to be the best vessel,
the best instrument that God can use.

I have faith that that can happen so I’ll just keep working
at that. Me and Espinoza, we’re doing fine. We love working here. Hopefully
we’ll have a baptism this week. I don’t know what changes there might be, but
I’d like to stay here. We just found a new house, hopefully we’ll move there

The work is real. I’ve realized that this truly is the work
of God that we’re doing here. And while we shouldn’t take it too lightly, but
you shouldn’t take it too seriously. We’re missionaries, we’re not machines. We
can have fun. An example, we were out contacting, it was kind of boring for me
so I tried to find someone playing basketball. So I contacted him, we were
shooting hoops, played around for a little bit, then we ended up teaching him.
Now he’s an investigator.

And then every single day since that point, we’ve seen
someone playing basketball on that court and we’ve always contacted them. So I
feel that the Lord is helping me out just a little bit to enjoy contacting. So
that was good.

Now the people we’re teaching, everybody here is really
humble and willing to follow Christ, it’s just going to church and keeping
commitments. So we’ve just got to have more faith and teach with more faith and
I know that God will help me, because there are people here that are ready. We
just need to find them.

I’m so happy to be here, I don’t sound like it. I’m just
really tired. We played basketball for the whole day in the sun. it’s alright.
I love the work here. I’ll be back home in almost two years. That will be nice.
Don’t even worry. It will fly by. No, but I’m focused on the work and I love
being here. Love you guys, ciao ciao.

Elder Anderson


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