January 22, 2019




Elder Saavedra

Week 27 Granjas

QOTW: Keep trying, dont give up. Heaven is cheering you on. 

Holy shnikes folks here we goooo, here we go again. Golly what a week of walking, talking, teaching, and learning. So for the first time in my mission i got mad at someone. Actually mad. The kind of mad where you want to knock someone out haha. But focusing on the good of the week as well i have been given a heaven sent course free on patience. And it was a long and difficult process. Every day I wake up, write in my journal, look in the mirror after my shower and say, "Elder I dont know how you do it, but you just get better looking every day" haha no but what i really say is "I FEAR NO MAN". And then we study and get on our way for the day. Dont worry you can calm yourself i will explain all of this in an orderly fashion.
Okay so i got mad at someone when we contacted them and i began to explain how we are misisonaries of Jesus Christ... they immediately cut me off and then began to pass some heat on me. I listened, and learned that they had blamed the acts of a leader found in a christian church, who commited a very serious sin. They had been in the church 30 years, then with that act they left the BELIEF IN GOD as well as the church. They told me they were athiests now. And i began to ask why they blamed the act of a man on God, who is perfect and only wants the best for us. They decided to keep their hearts and ears shut to the words of a servant of God, and we said God lives and walked away. 
I am a defender of the faith. If someone mocks my God my Savior or His church I will defend it. 
This week I have learned so much about how Satan is confusing the hearts of the people and his tactics. People are putting the good for bad, and bad for good right now in the world. The message we are sharing is something good, it is the only way to achieve eternal life with your family. I have just decided to talk with everyone to try and find someone willing not only to listen, but to act on the invitations we are sharing. And we are finding a little success here and there. Patience is key, but more important is faith. The mission is a great experience to grow and find out a lot of things. The Lord has blessed us with work here, we need to be more willing to search and look for those who are ready. I am ready and willing, we will see this week. 
I have put my complete trust and faith in my Savior, Elder Anderson right now is only an instrument, and I am trying to ruff out the kinks with the Atonement of the Savior every moment to become more worthy and effective. Love this work. Have a lot more to do. Love you all. Jesus Christ lives and loves us. This is His church, and I am His servant. LoveElder Anderson

Basketball y pday with the boys


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