January 8, 2019




Elder Saavedra

Week 26 Granjas

QOTW: vamos a tranquilizarnos
Okay lovely folks internet died and i have to rewrite this so its gonna be quick. haha mucho colombia. well good to hear from ya and have the opportunity to write ya and stuff like that. but here is a quote of the week, i have used it for basically everything hahaha it is so fun to use when the hermanas get in one of their rants and start to whine about how bad the houses are and this and that.... hey hermana vamos a tranquilizarnos listo! haha so funny. i am so grateful for everything. 
Okay so this week was legit! we saw some miracles.... first off, we had a baptism. Pilar! I did not think she was going to accept baptism and we were missing something but we didnt know what it was... she knew the church was true and the bom was true but still wanted to wait. So we were praying for her one day when i got the impression, maybe she doesnt know how to pray truthfully to recieve an answer. so that day we went over to the house taught here about prayer and shared the video of the first vision when joseph smith prayed... spirit was strong and i thought it was a great lesson. with doubts still in my mind about how we were going to help her i just decided to have faith because faith and doubt cannot exist at the same time... so i replaced it with pure faith and the next day we had a visit, she tells us she wants to be baptized. HOLY COW we have been waiting almost 3 months for that! she said she prayed and recied a feeling that she had never felt before! so cool. with that my testimony grew and i just know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ restored again on the earth. What a privelage, what a blessing. 
I am tired but that doesnt matter! i can take a short break in like 19 months! But we need to get after it people! we will only be here for a short time on earth, and there is a lot of stuff we need to do. So just do it, pray to know how and then act. Act with faith and enjoy the blessings that follow. Love you all and I know that the Book of Mormon contains the plentitud of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Love it baby!
LoveElder AndersonBaptism Pilar!

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