January 3, 2019




Elder Saavedra

Week 24 Granjas

QOTW:  The 2 most important days of your life are... 1. The Day you are born and... 2. the Day you understand why.
Well gorgeous children of God I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! and I guess Happy New Year as well hahaha! What a time to be alive and be learning and growing. We have so much to learn and understand, so much to do and see. Lets get to work dangit! Hahah we are here on the earth to have joy and to do the things that the Lord has commanded. SO yeah haha we have got some work to do. 
This week was awesome! We had transfers and I am still training but now am a District Leader. Hahaha wow okay lets go get uncomfortable and grow a little more. haha it should be fun. Love the mission so much. Mom dont read this part... so we were walking proselyting and we had the prompting to go talk to a family and contact them, took like 4 minutes and they didnt want anything. As we were walking down the street to another appointment we heard a loud noise like a boom! I thought it was a gunshot... so we kept walking and my heart was beating a little faster haha. We turn the corner and see police and a herd of people around them. So i asked someone what happened, they told me some guy was robbing someone and shot them and killed them. Literally the path that we would have taken if we didnt contact that family... who knows. But we do know that the Lord is protecting us. And also if someone tried to rob me i would kick their butt and then run away like Jason Bourne. Come on son. 
Hahah but a really fun week FULL of the spirit! gave another talk in church and got to call the members out with a lot of love that they are the most important work, and their homes are the most important place, not the church. The spirit was strong and their was some tears shed, and yes all of this was done in spanish. Haha so fun to be a missionary and live and breathe the gospel, it is the freshest breath i have ever taken. Love it.
Love you all so flippin muchElder Anderson



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