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Elder Saavedra

Cooper email 12/31/18

Hello Family of Cooper. Cooper sent me an audio-file of his weekly happenings and I've included it below. He has had some trouble sending out some emails. They are getting flagged as spam or something.Anyway, read below if you'd like.
Love you,

Subject: Cooper voice-recording 12/31/18, week 24

Hello family. Starting week 24. This week we had changes, transfers. I am still in Granjas with Elder Espinoza. Elder Jozares and Escarai are my zone leaders.  Both super cool.

This week was super cool. We had some really good lessons with two of our investigators that are progressing the most. That was cool.

I guess we also had Christmas this wee. We worked like normal.

I’ll give you a rundown of the lessons. The first one was with Jared. he’s the son of two less-actives. They are super cool parents. We had a lesson with him, got to know him first, what he likes, people stuff, human relations. So he opened up a ton more and was way more receptive to receiving us. And so, it just made the teaching a lot more effective and he understood with so much clarity what we were trying to teach.

We asked him to give the final prayer, and he gave one of the coolest prayers i have ever heard. He used all the words that he had learned. It was so perfect. It was so humble. It just reminded me how we need to always be humble like a little kid, quick to forgive, and just always put yourself in other people’s shoes to understand what they are going through and what their trials are. Anyway, super cool. He’s a cute little kid. We are going to baptize him this Saturday, the 5th of January.

And with Pilar, she’s still a little hesitant but we are pushing for this Saturday, the 5th. Her dad is awesome. He’s full-on with her being baptized and reading the Book of Mormon. He’s a true convert. He absolutely loves it. She’s still a little timid. We’re trying to figure it out.

We were doing our training the other day with Elder Espinoza in the house and i was thinking how can we help Pilar be more comfortable with baptism. and i thought, “maybe she hasn’t prayed with true sincerity because she doesn’t know how to pray the right way.” In our training we watched a video about how we receive revelation through prayer. It was literally directed revelation from God to me that we needed to teach her how to pray sincerely and how to receive answers.

And so that was super cool. My mind was blown right there because i had been praying all day to try and help her out. So that night we went over and taught them and we read some scriptures about prayer and about God, good stuff. Then we had a video about the Joseph Smith first vision video, called “Ask of God.” Super cool video. Recommend it. You guys should all watch it. It’s a more detailed account of the first vision. Super cool. When we were watching that video she was super attentive and i felt like she understood everything so that was awesome. Definitely a super cool spirit there. We will be praying this whole week for her to be baptized on the 5th. And her dad, we just need to get him married on the 12th.

So that was pretty much the whole week. Oh, another thing, we were walking down the street (don’t let mom read this) and we were three blocks away from where we turned, near a park. We were walking towards the park and we hear this big boom. Weren’t sure if it was a gunshot or a firework. Three blocks later, there was a huge crowd with police, and I walked up to someone and said, “hey what happened here?” They told me some guy just killed another guy. The big boom was a gunshot and we were three blocks away.

Tender mercy, we felt prompted to go contact someone, so that kept us out of the way, so that was a miracle. The Lord is taking care of us.

This Sunday I got to give another talk on the work of the Lord. I didn’t hammer the members, but I pretty much just called us all out and said we needed to do better. Gave out some awesome good scriptures. How important the members are. The missionaries change every six or twelve weeks. We aren’t the important work, the members are, and the work inside the members’ homes.  That’s the most important work the Lord has us do. The work within your own home, to raise your children, your family, in a gospel-centered home that believes in Jesus Christ. That’s the most important work. So that’s what i was trying to stress to them and felt the spirit. It was strong, it was thick. Everyone in the congregation could feel it. After sacrament meeting, several thanked me for motivating them to be better and do better. Thanks to the Holy Ghost for that, not me. I was praying for the Holy Ghost to be able to touch their hearts. For those that let the Holy Ghost in, their hearts were touched. It was cool too, because they are so weak with the hymns. It’s pretty much me singing out loud. After i gave my talk, everyone was singing. Let’s go. Everyone was motivated.

We had transfers this week. I’m a district leader now so that should be fun. Should be a fun change. Maybe something difficult. I like it. Change is good. Right now we are living with 4 in their house so that should be fun. I love the work. I’m getting tan, life is good. Read the scriptures, go to church, say your prayers, be faithful. It’s super easy. just do it until you die. We’re only here for a short time. We can rest in the eternities, right? Let’s just work hard for these few 80-100 years then we can rest. Ciao family. I love you all so much. Have a good week. Happy New Years.


Elder Anderson


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