December 17, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 22 Granjas

QOTW: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm  

Happy early Birthday Van van and Elder Erickson! Some more Ralph Waldo Emerson to bless your life your welcome. Haha so yeah this week was literally fantastic just like every other week! Ahh haha I love this church so much, well because it is true haha. But this quote that my wise father shared with me that i now share with you all is so true. I saw it this week in the work of the Lord! I always try my best to try and be animated and excited about doing everything hear, and sometimes it is hard but ill only be here for 2 years, so i am just going to sprint every day... i can rest in the eternities ;) 
Haha so yeah this week was also really trying mentally and spiritually. We had a baptism planned for Pilar Velasquez, a young woman who is soooo ready and willing to follow Jesus Christ, just for some reason she has a little bit of insecurity with this decision to be baptized. So we were in a Noche de Hogar with her and our Lider Misional and she tells us, yeah so i want to talk to my dad before the baptism and he doesnt get here till next week... OH MY HECK i was smiling but inside i was literally screaming and just all the energy and positivity and everything just vanished inside me haha. She wouldnt even look at us in the face after that, i felt like we had lost all her trust and it killed me ahhhh. So we left that appointment a little defeated. Then to add to all the emotion it was one of the hottest days and I was sweating like a toasted cheeser and just feeling spiritually and emotionally drained. But we still had work to do so i slapped on a smile and just told myself, okay, another person needs help time to help them. FORGET YOURSELF ANDY! haha I say that sometimes to motivate myself. So I prayed for some help to feel comforted and at peace. Immediately I felt a breeze of fresh cool air and some dark clouds rolled in. What a miracle and blessing to have seen and felt that. So we walked a few miles to the next appointment. It was with a young man named Danny Diaz, he is a new investigator. We were teaching him about the church Jesus Christ established, and how he visited the Americas. He then asked so why dont we have more bibles? Did no one else keep records of the Savior visiting them? OHH Danny haha what a good question, boom Book of Mormon and a testimony to back that up and the spirit was thickkkk in the room. Super cool, We then told him hey you can know for yourself if this is the true church of Jesus Christ throught this book and a prayer of faith. I then shared Moroni 10:4-5 and he said he felt something he had never felt before in his life. Then expressed that he wanted so badly to keep reading this book and find out more. 
Just another miracle in the life of a missionary. So glad to be here and help people realize there is a plan for every one of us, and that Jesus has restored his church to the earth again. Truly the most pure form of happiness is in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and for that i am eternally grateful for this opportunity. Love the Savior so much, and am so thankful for his example and for the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I know that those both are holy books of God, and know that with the Book of Mormon we have the plentitud of the gospel. Love you all so much have a good Christmas.
LoveElder Anderson


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