December 3, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 20 Granjas

QOTW: Just gonna send it
Hahaha yes the quote this week is denim danger, just gonna send it, get over it haha. It is because this week we have just been sending it left and right with contacting people and yeah! haha and thats what you have to do sometimes, just have to put your comfort to the side for a quick little bit and make it happen! 
It is crazy how often in life we put barriers up just because someone says that something cannot be done. Well the 4 minute mile was thought to be impossible before some chinaso chino decided that he was gonna do what no human had ever done before in history, run a sub 4 min mile. Everyone said it was never going to be done, yet after Roger Banister (i think is his name) achieved the seemingly impossible now more than 20,000 people have achieved this feat. It is the same mentality with the work of the Lord... if we put barriers up with how many people we think we can only teach in one day, or how many converts we can help be baptized... So I have decided to rip down all the barriers of what has been said before. I have complete faith in my Lord Jesus Christ and know he can make me the misionary he needs me to be. I just have to be willilng to work and be obedient. Not so hard huh! haha only two years, i just have to sprint for two years then i can rest for a season or so haha. But yeah my mentality has totally shifted, about everything life, the work, sports... I am learning the lesson once again of mental toughness, and that is something i just love. To be able to grit your teeth and PUSH yourself to the limits... GOLLY i eat that for breakfast baby lets goooo! haha but yeah i hope you all can become stronger through Christ and become more like him, and please know that I love you and yeah of course Jesus loves you as well. 
This week has been really trying. Basically all we have been doing is contacting, and contacting and contacting. Whenever someone rejects me I just smile it off and say oh haha okay, maybe youll want your eternal salvation in the next life haha yeah right.... okay haha but yeah maybe later they will accept it. We are just gathering a really big pool of people to teach, i hope the Lord can help us to retain and help teach by the spirit, cause without the spirit were just teaching big words and talking about the gospel with others... we need them to understand and then live the gospel. When someone understands that Jesus Christ is literally the only way to achieve eternal salvation, they will do anything to reach that. Like be baptized or listen to the missionaries or keep commitments. And that is what i am trying to do. Teach repentance, baptize converts. Not people, but converts. Love it, I love the Lord my God my Savior and King, and my life has already been completely changed by Him and by the mission. I am eternally grateful.
Love you all so much and I hope you have a fantastic month of Christ-mas. Dont shoot your eye out. See you all next week!
LoveElder Anderson

Elder ROSA and me showing some colombian blue steel
The boys
Zone San Fernando, love these guys so much 


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