November 26, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 19 Granjas

QOTW: Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles.
Well gorgeous friends and family how are we all doing this fine week?? Hahaha wow the work has just been fanfreakingtastic! Lets goooo! Haha I just love working hard and talking to everyone in spanish haha what a time to be a missionary. Um yeah so this week I recieved my "son" Elder Espinoza, he is also from Peru haha. So training him has been such a blast and we are already really good friends. He has got some sass and I love it haha lets go baby! Golly I am so fired up right now I just want everyone to know they have a Father in Heaven that loves them and that there is a plan for us all! Okay yeah the lesson this week has been this... we recieve more blessings when we are obedient. And I have seen that this week because I decided when Elder Saavedra left to be exactly obedient, and we have literally seen miracles this week. One example, the bus we take at night to get home usually takes around 30 min... and we had to be home before 9:30 because we had an appointment, so i was flippin out a little cause it was 9:15 and the bus wasnt showing up! So with a little prayer we waited for just a few minutes more and the bus arrived. Okay but we were still going to arrive super super late... NOPE! By some miracle we hit every light, noone got on or off and we made it home in around 10 min, haha it was like having Jason Bourne as a bus driver! So we sprinted home and clocked in right at 9:30... glad the Lord could add his majestic power to our efforts to be obedient. And of course there is more but that was just a little example. 
Folks the work is real. God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are real. They love us more than anything, and because of that we have the chance to have a happy life, a family, and eternal happiness. All we have to do is accept Jesus Christ and live his gospel, cause he is the way, the truth, the life. My life has already been so changed by the mission, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be the most faithful Cooper Cassady Anderson person for this time into the eternities. I want to give my testimony that I know the Book of Mormon is true. I have seen it change lives over here, and I have seen it change my life. I was reminded of my time in Nauvoo when I was just but a wee lad going through my adolescence haha. 15 years old, in Nauvoo with my family learning more about the church than ever... and I felt the truthfulness of this Gospel and of Joseph Smith. I know with my whole heart that he was a prophet of God, my heart cries for the pains he had to endure... and there is no way someone would go through any of that if it werent true. I love Jesus Christ and am so thankful he has restored his gospel through the prophet Jospeh Smith and blessed us with the Book of Mormon! What a blessing we have to read that every day and become more in tune with the spirit, make better choices, learn the truth about our destiny and how we can grow closer to Jesus Christ. I am eternally grateful and give my testimony to you all and to all the angels in heaven.
This week was so inspiring and uplifting, of course there are hard moments but if you can focus on the good or the positive youll never have a reason to put your head down. Praying for you guys, and if you ever have questions or need help please talk to me or someone haha. Love you all so much. 
Love Elder Anderson

Our casita, haha so small but i love it so much
Everybodys talkin bout my tight pants, about my tight pants...
woah cool sky haha
Elder Marks, and my son Elder Espinoza


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