November 12, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 17 Granjas

QOTW: If you dont know history, then you dont know anything. You are a leaf who doesnt know it is part of a tree.
BOOM BABY!!!! haha la obra folks i love it with all my heart mind and soul! I am so freaking happy beyond description here in Colombia, the chance to lose ones self for the sake of others, in this case the eternal salvation of another, what an opportunity. Okay so real fast the quote... if we know where we come from and where we are going... isnt life a whole lot better? yeah it is. So where did we come from Elder Anderson, great question you lovely child of God... oh yeah child of God. We are of divine descent, with a divine potential we scarecely can comprehend. Please know that Heavenly Father loves you with all his heart, his love is as infinite as the universe. So this week we had basically my first baptism. Our first investigator together me and Elder Saavedra. Jorge Quijano, he met Pablo Escobar when he was 10... hahah so cool. Love him so much he is so converted to the gospel! the chance to see the life of a child of God change to something better is an opportunity i will never be able to give enough thanks for. He started out quiet with us and now we are best friends. Watching the conversion of Jorge has been such a blessing for me. When we first started he was kind of tough and hard to talk to... but each time his heart was softened and his testimony was strengthened. His baptism was so special because his Dad got to baptize him. When Jorge was bearing his testimony he looked over at us and said thank you... i have never felt more appreciated in my life, which is saying a lot because my family always made me feel appreciated. I had never seen him cry until he bore his testimony of this church and the gospel of Jesus Christ... what an experience. Infinite thanks to my Father in Heaven to watch and witness the miracle of conversion. Okay lovely folks there is no time for writing the weekly schedule that happened so i am sorry i will just have to write the names of the days so it looks good haha. 
Monday best pday ever soccer in the rain and basketball
Tuesday was so hot felt like i hopped in the hot tub and then walked through an oven haha
Wednesday we had divisions, so much fun with the boys!
Thursday so thankful for this life and the mission
Friday a lesson learned. Direction is more important than speed.
Saturday was the baptism.
Sunday..... ah the sabbath, always a good day haha.
WOWWW haha i love the mission so much, so grateful that i was never homesick, knock on wood, haha but yeah. What a blessing. I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, and that he lives. There is hope for humanity, and it is only through Jesus Christ that we are saved. But should we just coast through life waiting to be saved... no! abound in good works so others may glorify our Father in Heaven. Serve others and serve God. Get to know your Savior Jesus Christ. He is always waiting to recieve you. Just lift your head up and grab his hand which is eternally extended towards you. He will save you.
LoveElder Anderson
The BOYS Mountain dew!

Jorge Quijano baptism!


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