November 5, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 16 Granjas

QOTW: When we dont remember we forget, when we forget we start to doubt
Well gorgeous folks that are blessed to be living in the promised land I am just doing fantastic hopefully some of this energy can make you feel better if youre having a bad day! I just hate seeing people sad! kills me inside! Smile it off, realize our divine potential as literal sons and daughters of the most high, and get on baby! No but yeah this week has been really good and I have had a lot of time to reflect on my life before the mission. One day this week I woke up a little early to the hum and vibrations of a thunderstorm outside, haha what a blessing. But as I laid there I felt a soft wave of peace wash over my whole body and my mind was drawn upon the many comforting memories with my family and friends. What a blessing that the Lord allows me to remember those memories of great comfort and give peace to my whole soul. One story I will never forget was our trip to Nauvoo in 2015... before then I hadnt had any real feelings about Joseph Smith, the church, the book of mormon... I was kind of just going through the motions of the gospel, not living it (this is a problem with our members here, theyre not as converted to Jesus Christ and His gospel as they should be). But after the 2 weeks of learning how to sing and dance on stage and always learning more about the church, one day we went to Carthage jail where Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were martyred. As I walked up the steps leading to the room where they were killed, the same steps those men charged up with rifles, I felt something. Then as we went and sat in that very room, where Joseph and Hyrum sealed their testimony with their own blood... the Holy Ghost witnessed to me that this is the true church. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I know for a surety with all my heart that he was a prophet of God and that this is the true church of Jesus Christ restored to the earth in our day. I love my Savior and am so grateful for his life in saving mine. I shall always keep his name in my heart and my mind.
Monday we had that great devocionial... and an awesome thunderstorm rainstorm. Love the weather here this time of year.
Tuesday was Halloween haha so many costumes and we were on the bus and some lady started talking to me and woah i could understand her ahaha! So we started talking and I asked is she would be willling to hear our message, she said yes! boom baby love it! So blessed to have the Lord as my director and the Holy Ghost as my guide, truly would be a world of darkness and loneliness without them helping me.
Wednesday we had 3 new investigators! All of them are looking for something more, and the truth of Jesus Christ and His gospel. Well we have it now we get to share it with them haah nothing better than that right! We also taught a member family that isnt that strong in the church about family prayer, and the importance of prayer. I was once again humbled in realizing how blessed I was to have a family prayer almost every night in my life before the mission. Truly blessed
Thursday I got the chills from one of the christmas song videos... oh my heavens let me tell ya. I want to make it to the celestial kingdom so bad hahaha, and because I love my Lord Jesus Christ and his people over here in Colombia I want them to make it there too! What a blessing and opportunity we have to make covenants and have the chance to live with God forever in a state of never ending happiness...
Friday was a lot of walking but hey thats the mission sometimes! Love the weather and the people
Saturday we did service and I got to practice my spanish more by talking about rom coms with one of the hermanas ahah! Reminds me of hanging out with Brig, Belle, Anni, and Sabi! 
Sunday the weather changed really fast to really cold, so I got kinda sick... but all is well I am fine now. We had our investigator Jorge Quijano attend so we could announce his baptism for this saturday! So glad he went. Also his dad is super cool, Blihoover, when he was a younger man he went to a party in one of the houses of Pablo Escobar. Yeah and hes one of my best friend now so whats up haha.
Man I bloody love the mission, this is the best decision i have made thus far in my life and for my life. Love my King and my Redeemer Jesus Christ. Hope you all have an amazing week, send me some photos of boise why dont ya! haha 
Love Elder AndersonA new bridge built in our area
Zone San Fernando after a game of soccer

Me and mi padre Elder Saavedra awwww


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