October 22, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 14 Granjas

QOTW: Service softens the heart
Gorgeous folks of the promised land another week flies by, time doesnt stop does it? So one great thing I learned today is to never give up. Many times on the mission one can feel discouraged, I certainly have felt this way. But the one thing I need to keep in my mind, and we all need to keep in our minds is that our Savior Jesus Christ never gave up on us. When he was suffering all manner of afflictions for us in the Garden of Gethsemane, and when He walked up that forboding path to Calvary... he never gave up on us. He did not quit. So, when times get hard, I will do my best to focus on my Savior and the fact that he has gone through what I have gone through, he knows my pains and afflictions. I will always rely on my King, my Redeemer, and my Savior Jesus Christ.

Monday Pday, so that is always fun. Pulled a hami doing those jump pictures, so athletic... no more haha que pena. Celebrated an hermanas birthday which was fun, super loud music and just fun to see family together having fun, truly a glimpse into heaven when we get to spend qualitiy time with our families enjoying wholesome activities.
Tuesday was super cool. We felt prompted to talk to a man in a wheelchair, then helped him to his house... as we were talking with him one of our dear friends from the ward drove up, and dropped off a man. The friend from the ward had just been talking about us missionaries to the man and said that they would talk to him, and 5 minutes later we did. If we hadnt followed that prompting we would not have met this man Gabriel, there is a reason we met him and we have yet to figure it out. But I love this work and just flipping love being here.
Wednesday we did some service! Finally something I am good at haha! We moved a families apartamento and it was just fun to serve people, i actually feel really happy when i serve, tender mercy given from God. Service softens the heart. 
Thursday learned that religion is not like a painting. We dont sit back and just admire how pretty it is and theorize our methods about it. Religion is more like a plow where we go to work and enjoy things by the sweat of our brow. We plant seeds and nurture them, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. 
Friday we got to talk with the man from Tuesday. He is an athiest and has some beliefs about God, so it was interesting and we tried to invite the spirit. But we as missionaries can only bring it unto the heart, the people must let it into the heart. We will keep working to help him realize his divine worth and that he has a Father in Heaven. Love it
Saturday we had a FIRE transmission from President Nelson only for 5 countries of northwest South America.... holy shnikes folks he is the prophet of God. He loves us. God wants all of his kids, his children to come back home... and that is one reason i am here, is to help his children find their way and start their way back home.
Sunday... learned more that this truly is a day of rest. We need to cherish this time with our families and teach them the principles and doctrines of the gospel. It is an important day where we show to God how much we love him... what we do on sundays shows to him our devotion and commitment to him. So, how commited are we? lets keep that in mind when we face temptation or feel discouraged. 
Son of a gun I love you all so much and wish i could talk to all of you individually, but these emails will suffice for 2 years hahaha
LoveElder AndersonThe District 3

Calle en front of our house, man i love cali so much


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