October 17, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Re: Week 13 Granjas

On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 3:55 PM Cooper Anderson <> wrote:
QOTW: Specific prayers recieve specific anwers
Well whoopdie do here we are again. First off let me just say i love it here. just absolutely love it the people are so sweet and my mind is often drawn to comforting memories of my childhood here. Very special. Okay so the main thing i learned this week was about prayer, and Heavenly Father. Isnt is amazing, the Creator of the Cosmos encourages you and me, everyone to pray to him and communicate with him as our Father. As our Father. So lets do it. He loves us so much it is incomprehensible! I cannot wait till I can return to him and tell him how life was, give him a hug and tell him thank you. Thank you father for the opportunity to go to Earth and experience a mortal life. Recently I have gained a new perspective on how grateful I am for a body. Like woah, God gave me a body haha thats so cool! I have agency and the chance to follow Jesus Christ, doesnt get better than that. I learned that praying specifically usually rewards specific answers. I was praying for an opportunity to share the gospel with someone as we were on a bus, low and behold i felt a prompting to talk to a gentleman to my right. We started talking and right as i was about to ask for his info, it was our stop! I ripped a pamphlet out of my bag and wrote our number on the back as fast as possible. I smiled and said please call us as we exited the bus in a quick but professional manner. Well we got off the bus and I watched it drive away, hoping that he would call us. We went to a meeting and I wanted to say a prayer to inspire the young man to read the pamphlet and call us. Later that night we got home, he had called. His name is Akking and he is so cool! He knows english, spanish, and hebrew!
Monday was so good. Got to study my scriptures and man i tell ya, they are just so good. Please read them ahah
Tuesday was the bus incident. I prayed so earnestly that he would feel prompted to call us, whether he did or didnt he did call. So I take that as an answer to my prayers. 
Wednesday i got to listen to some talks from past conferences and holy shnikes! I had Gospel library on my phone, but i treated it like the general settings app.... barely even looked at it! Folks we have everything about the gospel of Jesus Christ at our finger tips, lets treat it as we should and cherish the opportunity to have it with us.
Thursday was a great day. This whole week i have been trying my best to not even think critical thoughts of my companion, and holy cow we are like best friends now. It is crazy what Heavenly Father can do to a heart that wants to change.
Friday realized how special WE are to Heavenly Father. He gave his only perfect son, his only begotten son.... for you. He sent his son Jesus Christ to save us all. Surely he loves us more than we know. 
Saturday was so nice. we got to meet with a woman named Sandra whom the Lord has prepared for us to teach. OH my heavens she was so nice and just soaked in all that we had to say! She said she felt so good and there was a special peace in her home when we were there.... the spirit haha!
Sunday I learned about our ancestors. Holy cow people we have so many people on the other side that need our help! Even learning about them is good, afterall we owe our lives to them dont we? Lets treat them like family and learn about them... use the website super easy, largest thing thing (forgot english words for it) for finidng and its free. 
Monday, today. Super chill and nice to relax a bit. 
Love the people here and the work. Yeah this is really hard, but why should I fear? I have the Lord my God on my side... therefore there is nothing to fear. Love it baby!
LoveElder Anderson


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