October 8, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 12 Granjas

QOTW: Repentance is always positive
Amazing people I have just noticed the amazing pattern the Lord has blessed me with. He humbles me every week! Haha what a gift I have recieved each week to literally be refined by the Refiners fire. So in the middle of this past week we I was yet again humbled. I was overwhelmed with so many things. How to contact, how to teach, how to start contacting, how to memorize street names, making sure i knew all the members and their houses, bus stops... just so many little things that got me so overwhelmed it felt like I was drowning in stress. In this my time of so much need I did the one thing we learn to do when we are children, I went to my knees and pleaded for the help of my Father in Heaven. I poured out my soul and left a trail of tears on my desk, just asking sincerely from the depth of my soul for the His divine help. As I finished I said, Father... please, help me. Immediately after concluding I felt the most comforting feeling wash over me and heard this scripture(DC 121:7) spoken to my mind in a perfect voice of tranquility: My son, peace be unto thy soul, thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment. I arose from my knees feeling the heavenly comfort. I will never cease to rely on my Father in Heaven. He wants to help me and all of us so badly, all we have to do is ask with a sincere heart and faith that we will recieve. 
Monday we had a farewell get together with pizza ping pong and uno! haha a lot of fun. 
Tuesday we got to spend time with one of the youth from the ward, and I learned that one of my duties as a missionary is to help strengthen the young men and encourage to serve missions.
Wednesday was sweet. Another lesson with Jorge Quijano and the spirit was so strong. Learned that I need to be sharing the gospel with literally everyone. Members, non members and investigators. Dont we all need a little strengthening?
Thursday was the day of my humbling. Later in that day I got to teach about repentance and got really emotional. I have come to enjoy my Saviors Atonement so much more on my mission. He makes me clean. He is the way, He is the reason. Funny story Thursday I had to use the restroom and the lady said yeah go ahead, so I said oh sweet... where is it. Expecting her to point around the corner or upstairs... the bathroom was right next to her. A bed sheet was all that seperated the bathroom from the livin room. Hahaha lets just say I went stealth mode.
Friday I tried to have patience with Elder Saavedra and it worked! ahah he didnt get frustrated with me and I made him laugh a few times! Patience always pays off.
Saturday Holy Hannah Conference folks. So good, all in spanish but I think I still learned the same stuff haha. 
Sunday. Well from this conference besides the doctrines and principles I have learned to be more appreciative of conference. The chance to hear the Prophet of God, his real voice and his words directly from God to us... what an opportunity. I have become more greatful for every aspect of this gospel, and every aspect of God. 
So thankful to be here serving, love you all and please go back and listen to the words of our Prophet or other Apostles. They are true. This church is true, and I shall never deny that.
LoveElder Anderson

Beautiful sunset of Colombia
I gag at this photo
Conference with the district homies!


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