September 24, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 10 Granjas

QOTD: The only real control in life, is self control
Holy shnikes folks... here we go again haha! This week was super good. Lesson I learned this week was humility. I woke up one day and listened to an Elder Holland talk. As he concluded the talk I felt like a complete inadequecy before my God. Am I using His time wisely? I asked myself other questions like this and was ashamed of what my Father in Heaven might think of me. I knelt down and offered the most powerful and sincere prayer I have ever uttered. Covering my desk in tears I asked my Father, please forgive me. Please help me to know what to do to become better. Please forgive me of my inadequecies and imperfections. Something like that. And then I went on with my day. I have never been so humbled and relied on God this much in my entire life. I dont know why I didnt rely on Him before.... who was I relying on, myself? An imperfect human... who compared to God is absolutely nothing. I now take comfort in relying on my perfect Father in Heaven and his perfect son Jesus Christ. 
Monday Pday. Shopping and food, my favorite. I get to listen to talks while I cook a bacon egg with jam sandwich.... just a little taste of heaven right there haha.
Tuesday was cool. I learned that I am here on a mission because I love my Savior and King Jesucristo. He is my cause. He is the only cause. 
Wednesday was sick! I could understand the investigadores better and almost everyone else! My spanish is still basura but thats okay haha. So we were teaching a man named Jorge Quijane and near the end of the lesson I gave him a pamphlet with the savior on it, and he said you know I can see peoples energy around their head. Like the halo thing around the savior in pictures, the light glow of pure light... he can see that!! He said mine was yellow- like the saviors- and that it resembled purity and loyalty and some other spanish words! I was BLOWN away haha what a gift!
Thursday I was humbled again. During companion study I was struggling to convey my ideas and words and got super frustrated with myself... threw my hands up and started asking myself why this was so hard to do. As I had my head down and confidence shattered, my companion shared with me our duty from preach my gospel. Labor diligently. I heard that,  and immediately felt comfort. I can do that. I can labor diligently. So I am.
Friday I finished studying the Book of Mormon. I tell ya folks this is the most true book ever written. I learned something new every single day of reading, and feel closer to God. 
Saturday studied the Bible a little bit, and learned yet again that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. Love it baby!
Sunday ahhhh I love going to church. Saying hi to all my friends and being able to take the name of Jesus Christ and remember him.... doesnt get better than that.
Love you all so much, if I could write you all personally I would... sadly time doesnt allowElder Anderson


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