September 17, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 9 Granjas

QOTD: The highest form of wisdom is being humble before God
Well another week flies by. Ahhh what a week folks what a week. Big thing I learned this week is that we must always show humility before God and study diligently the words of God. DyC 84:85 [Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.] If I want to be able to teach the right way, I must study and treasure up continually the words of life. This has helped a ton in lessons as I try my best to listen to what the person is saying, but more so what they are feeling. Cant do it without the spirit. We as missionaries bring the spirit unto the hearts of the persons, they have to let it in. So, let it in folks! 
Monday PDay baby! We played soccer and I scored 7 goals haha fluent in soccer baby haha not really. But it was a lot of fun and it is a lot of walking so my legs are getting stronger. Today i learned that in times of spiritual crisis, we need to recall the times where we felt the spirit so strong, or when our testimonies were strenghthened. To do this we need to write down our spiritual and cool experiences, so we may never forget them. One of the elders who looks like a latino Greydon Siepert always says, Mi amor. haha he is so funny.
Tuesday was so fun. I was pumped to get out there and work! We were riding on the bus and I felt prompted to talk to some fella next to me so I was like ahhhh nah, but then a few minutes later I feared for what God would think if I blew the chance to share the gospel so I asked him what the spirit told me to say. I asked him if he wanted true happiness in his vida. He opened up immediately and started talking to me! Just as I was about to help him draw closer to Christ with the BOM we had to get off to our stop. So I learned that we should not procrastinate promptings. All good things come from God, so just send it!
Wednesday haha Sebastian Maniscalco reference again, I make new ice every day! haha. First day we went and knocked doors! FINALLY some work ahah! Oh if i was fluent i would be talking with everyone, everyyyyyone. We knocked only a few doors but got to share the gospel with 2 people, so that was fun! Today I learned that this is Jesus Christs church. He leads and guides it. HE is the way back to the Father, and the way to Eternal Life. He is essential and central to the Plan of Salvation.

Thursday I realized that by the end of my mission, I want to be able to tell the Savior (when I see him) I did my best to share His message. I did my best to try and save his people. Even though it wont be enough because we cant ever do enough, he will accept it and God will say, good job son. We can accomplish anything with God, because he will prepare ways for us to accomplish them. 1 Nephi 3:7, read it por favor. 
Friday was short. Meetings with president Whitesides, he is so nice! Wow he is like another sweet Uncle ahah! Hma Whitesides said my spanish is so good! Hahaha no its not! Learned some more about my compañero, he is a tough guy. Parents are divorced and he is out here preaching about families forever... tough guy. 
Saturday I tried to make as many people as I could smile. That is something the Savior might do i think. Always smile, simple as that.
Sunday was something. I got called on to give a talk with 5 minutes to prepare hahahah. So I picked a scripture and bore my testimony and got chocked up and it was nice. So many people felt the spirit as did i, and my testimony was strenghtened. which reminds me we must use our testimonies or lose them. It is like a muscle, we cant be lazy with it, constantly make it stronger! Lets go we can do this!!! Oh also I got to help set chairs for primary hahaha oh i miss kids so much. I gave them all high fives and they were all loving it haha.
Love you all so much and the work here is great, I can feel the prayers and love of you all!
LoveElder Anderson


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