September 11, 2018




Elder Saavedra

Week 8

QOTD: When doing the Lords errand, you cannot fail

My favorite people of America and wherever else you might be how are ya? Colombia has been great and I cant believe another week has flown by. Looking back at the week there are a few things i have learned. First of all, I am absolutely nothing without the Lord. I cant speak or teach or do anything here without him. The gift of the Holy Ghost is something I took for granted before coming here to the mission. It is the Comforter, and I never knew how much it could comfort until I got rejected trying to proselyte haha! BUT I DIDNT FEEL A BIT OF SHAME! The poor woman wasnt rejecting me Cooper Cassady Anderson, she was rejecting my message. So i just smiled and said, maybe another time as we walked away. Since I cant really teach that well yet I have just been smiling a lot and i guess that is alright... for now. It is a daily grind but I love it! I know that my Savior is beside me when I fail or make mistakes, and is right there with his hand always within reach to pick me back up. I love him so much. He is my Lord, my Redeemer, my King and my Friend.

Monday was PDAY and shnikes thats a blast. We went to this cool spot that overlooked Colombia and it was fun. Then we had burgers and shakes and let me tell ya folks, I took chocolate shakes for granted. It has been a while and it was so good here, but i mean America just knows how to do it haha. Love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so happy to help others come closer to him.

Tuesday was chillo, learned some more about being humble and saying prayers constantly. Got hyped to proselyte and just tried to talk to everyone hahaha so much fun in spanish. We went everywhere so my legs were just drained, probably the best feeling to end the day with.

Wednesday I read more about President Nelson. That man is a prophet of God. He has been prepared since he was a child to become the prophet, and he is such an accomplished guy. I will follow every word he says to draw closer to Jesus Christ. He will help guide me there.

Thursday we did splits and I went with another white guy haha! ENGLISH BABYYY! So that was nice to talk and laugh with someone the whole day. We finished a lesson and trying to be exactly obedient and return home at 9:30 we almost sprinted home, going who knows how far haha but we get to the door and he unlocks it and I look down at my watch, 9:29 with 59 seconds lets goooo! haha exact obedience YUH!

Friday the spirit reafirmed to me that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I often reflect back to our familia trip to Nauvoo, and my feelings are set in stone. He was called of God and helped restore this amazing gospel of Jesus Christ back to the earth. He is one of my role models and I desire to become a great man like he was.

Saturday was my first baptism!! Adriana Barrera, she was baptized and it was so cool! she is so ready to come even closer to Christ. It was super chevere and I am so glad she decided to draw closer to Jesus Christ. Humbling

Sunday was way cool. The members were a lot nicer, my abuelo gave me a hug and everyone was a lot nicer to me haha. Our investigadores came to church as well!! AHHH i was so happy to see them there, and go to class with them haha love it baby! Church is true!

Elder Anderson


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