September 11, 2018




Elder Beck

Week 7

QOTD: Just gonna send it

Gorgeous people of the best country on earth how are ya?! Wow I miss being able to just express myself, learning a new language is hard yet very rewarding. This week has been very testing. I have learned a lot about myself and God. First of all He is looking out for me. My first day out in the field I was kind of ticked cause i couldnt talk to anyone very well and lo and behold we met a guy who spoke english. Then after him the very next person spoke english and we got to teach him about the gospel. After I was on cloud nine, and my companion said that God had just answered his prayer... he was praying that i would get to talk to someone. In his 7 months of service he has only met 2 people that spoke english... with me we have met 10. I am a dull tool in the hands of the Lord right now but let me tell ya the refining process is real, and I love it. Anytime I cry because I want to tell the people here how much the Everlasting God loves them, but cant... refining. I have been constantly in the fire of the Lord, and just hope and pray that I can be of some use to him and to the people of Colombia.

Tuesday we flew to Cali.... I was sick and threw up a ton so Id rather not talk more about tuesday hahaha. My new area is Granjas.

Wednesday was so crazy. first day out in the field and let me tell you the MTC does not do squat besides help me make more friends. haha but my new companion is Elder Saavedra. We talked to Mauricio the guy who speaks english and hes kind of psycho but he enjoys learning more about religion. The nights here are super nice. a cool breeze and beautiful hillside with warm lights illuminating the dark mountainside. I quite love it here. Today I learned that i really need to humble myself before the lord if i want to get anything done here. I dont feel nervous talking to the people here, I just wish i could say more. but that will come with time.

Thursday was nice. we met our cook for lunch and she is super nice. her famliy is cool and they do a lot for us. Anyways after eating she played some hymns on the tv and let me choose. So i chose Bring Him Home by that one famous guy and the mormon tabernacle choir. TEAR JERKER... holy heavens why did i do that haha it was choking me up just like vader does with the force. We got to walk through a super cool field which is nice because it isnt city. I like to be adventurous and this was cool, we passed a little barbedwire fence and then its like walking through a mini desert with trees and stuff, yeah its cool haha. We taught this guy Diego who flippin called the church headquarters to learn more, so they gave us his referral. super chevere.

Friday was Zone conference. spirit was strong today. Made some more new friends that I hope to get to know better. After the conference we went contacting and it was super nice, the weather was on point! We were walking on the street and I said buenas to someone and he started speaking english and i had a little heart attack haha it was fun. Proselyting is so fun and enjoyable, I just love trying to make people smile. For me sharing the true gospel will never be hard. We taught a member who had her nieta there and that was cool cause she also spoke english. Near the end i was bearing my testimony and the spirit just hit me like a truck of bricks, i started to cry a little and told her that God wants her to be happy and experience true joy.

Saturday 1 Nephi 1:20, tender mercies to those the Lord has chosen. Has he not chosen me to serve here? has he not already displayed tender mercies? This is the true church. Today I met this joven named Santiago, he is so dang funny. he goes proselyting with me and Elder Saavedra for practice. We walked through that wild field again which was fun and taught Diego some more about the church. He is such a happy Colombian. I invited him to be baptized when he felt our message was true and he said yes. Just gonna send it from here on out. Dont care if i look like a fool trying to preach the gospel. If i open my mouth the Lord will help place the words i need to speak.

Sunday was so nice but a little eh. Church was the eh part. It is all in spanish and I had no clue what people were saying so that was discouraging... but humbilng! and who doesnt need a little more humbling than the guy with the best hair in Colombia? haha so we got some food from the members which was so sweet, it is so cool to try and be a part of a new ward. Meridian Greens is the best ward i have ever been a part of but this new ward is nice. We walked around a lot and I got to know santiago a little bit better. I have secretly been praying for a thunderstorm... ohhhhhh bebe there was a sweet one! I am so excited for the experiences that lie ahead.

Elder Anderson


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