September 11, 2018




Elder Beck

Week 5

QOTD: Whether you think you can or you can´t, you're right

Another great week here in Colombia!

Sheeeesh first lets get one thing straight, the gospel is true! Hearing all the stories I just cannot deny it. This week I learned so much and grew much more. The takeaway from this week was that God really does know what is best for us and others. He will guide us and the Holy Ghost will testify of the truth. It is so important to have the Holy Ghost in our lives, we must strive every day to be worthy of the companionship and be able to hear the small quiet whispers... sometimes we cant hear the whispers over the shouts of our wants. Let us align our will with the Father so we can become more in tune with the spirit and recieve personal revelation. As we do we will be blessed.

Tuesday, story for the fam when I get back because today I cried the hardest I ever have in my LIFE! I was laughing so hard I couldnt stand up. All throughout the day whenever I thought of the story or tried to tell it I would start laughing and crying. This was one of my favorite days because our district laughed so much. Sometimes you just have to take a break and laugh a little. Gospel is true, love it, learn it, live it.

Wednesday was decent, not my favorite, but still alright. Just working hard in spanish and laughing with our district, I am so thankful for them and I hope we can continue to be friends throughout eternity.

Thursday was interesting. We learned some cool doctrine from Genesis 4... which got our class hooked on stories about Cain and the Three Nephites. They are so crazy cool and our district loves to learn more about them. My sweet grandmother shared with me a story about my great great grandpa, definitely strenghthened my testimony more and got me more hyped up to go out in the field! Love this gospel!!!

Friday we talked about how the gospel is like star wars in some aspects, actually pretty cool to think about. We also learned more about Cain and the Three Nephites, our maestro told us some super chilling stories. The stories that day will never be forgotten, I hope haha. So in my personal study I read more about Ammon and his help in converting king Lamoni and then helping in the conversion of thousands. He is a great example of how to be a missionary. Just serve, remain humble, rely on God and always be ready to share the gospel.

Saturday we went Proselyting! This is where we get to go out in Colombia and talk with real people and experience new things! But I ended up doing service for 5 and a half hours so it was not what I expected. It was still nice to get out tho, I talked to this guy walking on the street and asked if I could play his guitar, he let me! haha the people here are so fun and I cant wait to get out and serve them!

Sunday... just wow. Santa maria I absolutely love Sundays with my entire soul. We got to here some super inspiring talks by Elder Bednar, then President Nelson and Elder Bednar for the last one. One story that stuck out to me was from Elder Bednar. He was addressing the question of ¿how do i know that it is the spirit talking, and not just me? well to that he gives the answer... STOP IT. Be a good person and keep your covenants. Anything good comes from God. Never dismiss an invitation to do good.

Monday was similar to every basic day. We read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and learned that there is a time and place for everything. So important because sometimes in life we get distracted and lose focus. This life is meant to prepare to meet our God, so lets prepare the best we can.

Love you all so much and I cannot wait till I am fluent in spanish and write my whole email in spanish so only a few of you can read it (without google translate)

Elder Anderson


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