September 11, 2018




Elder Beck

Week 4

QOTD: The only constant in life, is change

Gorgeous people... hola from Colombia

Holy shnikes I love learning more about the gospel and laughing with my new amigos here! haha i guess ill write a summary and then the nitty gritty.
So we are all learning more, time is flying by even faster than imaginable. This past week I have learned a lot about the attributes of Christ and about his ministry on the earth. I learned that when we would turn inwards, and think about ourselves, he always turned outwards. Jesus Christ was always willing to turn out and help those in need. There are so many examples throughout the scriptures and I encourage you all to look them up.
Please learnmore about his Atonement. It is real, and it is how we get to return to live again with our father in heaven. The Atonement is personal. Please read 3 Nephi 11:15. This scripture is the moment the infinite Atonement, became the intimate Atonement.

Wednesday was super fun! I am growing spiritually and we got new teachers which I didnt like at first because they can pretty much only speak english, but they are so cool! Change is the only constant in life, so i guess we should get use to it. All those years of practicing soccer with my family at the park is paying off... haha I am actually getting GOALS over here in Colombia!

Thursday was so dope. We laughed a ton, there is this goon of a guy in our group named Elder Roberts and we all love him, but he just makes us laugh and laugh. Our district is the best one here, we are almost always on task and have the best chemistry. Shnikes i miss music and one of our teachers started playing a hymn from the computadora and my soul literally beamed sunshine. Loving the gospel and all the joy it brings.

Friday was super spiritual. We went to the temple and I got to do one of my ancestors names! Bengt Mansson, it was so cool and the spirit was so strong. I am so thankful for the sacrifices my ancestors made so that we could live in America and have the opportunity to share the gospel. The lesson today was believe to achieve. I must tell myself each day that i can learn spanish, and that i have to because the lord needs me to relay his message to the people of Colombia. Late that night someone across the street was playing piano man by billy joel. rest in peace american music, it was like warm cinnamon rolls to my ears.

Saturday, hmmm feels like just yesterday was saturday. Today we learned that when we are on the team of Jesus Christ we will never lose. When I get rejected on my mission, I will be walking side by side with my savior Jesucristo. He suffered all so that he can understand all. He knows what I am going through and will go through, I love him dearly for that.

Sunday. I tell ya, these truly are the best days. Watched a devotional from Elder Holland, and I have never been more inspired in my life to go serve! Wow he is so good! The takeaways from sunday were these. Alma 7:11- The Atonement isnt just for sins, it is every affliction and trial and suffering we will go through.
So the Elder Holland devotional was so so so good. From it I learned that the road to salvation goes through gethsemane. If it wasn`t easy for the Son of God, Jesus Christ, why should it be easy for us? It wont be. Life and missions are hard because salvation is not a cheap experience. It never was and never will be. I am so FREAKING pumped to help save the souls of our brothers and sisters in Colombia!!

Monday was cool. A ton of funny stuff happened today and I was crying laughing, I eventually lost strength in my legs because I was laughing so hard. I am glad I can still joke around and not get smacked around for it, sometimes you need to relax and have fun. Reading from the Book of Mormon each morning is one of my favorite parts to the day. I have learned so much and my testimony of the book and this church have deepened. I know that this church is true and have had a confirmation of the spirit that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. I have faith that I may live with God again once more, if i am obedient in keeping the commandments and repent daily!

Love this Gospel and the people of Colombia!
Elder Anderson
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