September 11, 2018




Elder Beck

Week 2

QOTD: When we are almost obedient, we are almost blessed

Hello everyone! holy shnikes time flies!

Wednesday went by so fast. we did service in the morning which was nice, i kinda miss mowing lawns and going outside. my companion and i for workouts did lunges around the mtc, so ya that was fun. all the other elders and i are becoming better friends and having a lot of fun together. we asked our investigador alejandro to be baptized and he said yes!! ah it was a great feeling and i cant wait till we have the chance to invite real investigadores to do it.

Thursday was fun. one of the elders said that i sound exactly like jerry seinfeld and then i said no i dont, and it sounded exactly like jerry seinfeld haha. we played basketball on the blacktop for exercise and i guess i finally inherited my dads jumpshot cause i wasnt missing. the classes were a grind but our teacher is so fun, he is an rm and is 22, so he is a lot of fun to joke around with.

Friday was also super fast. my companion, elder beck, and i decided we wanted to do lunges again so we went for it and some latinos were with us laughing in spanish and making jokes. in my personal study i read more about laman and lemuel... they are so quick to do iniquity and slow to remember god. then when they were all about to die on the ship for being wicked they repented at the last second and were saved. a question we have to ask ourselves is what does it take for us to repent and change our ways? does the lord need to send a huge storm to get us to turn back to him? food for thought...

Saturday was so dope! we got to go proselyting!! definitely cooler than classes and so much fun to walk around and see North Bogota. we got paired up with the AP which was cool, he was legit. we walked around and took buses and taught lessons. it was really cool and really spiritual. i cant share everything from that day cause there is a lot, but my testimony was strenghtened so much. my love for the people of colombia has deepened. i truly want the salvation of their souls.

Sunday is always a highlight. we have 4 or 5 devocionales that are always a whole lot of fun. we watched a video about the book of mormon which really slapped me in the face... the book of mormon is perhaps the most precious book ever written. do we treat it so? it deserves to be read every day and needs to be studied daily. it can be a blessing in our lives as we do so. even from my reading just an hour in the mornings i feel a closer connection to god and the scriptures. i love them with all my heart, and want to share them with everyone.
the last devocional was about joseph smith and that was so touching. we talked about nauvoo and carthage, there was not a dry eye in the house. joseph and his brother hyrum smith were the best companions in this dispensation, my goal is to try and be like them. in life they were not divided, in death they were not seperated.

Monday was like every other day. classes and food and classes again. it is fun tho, we have a lot of fun in class and like to make jokes. just realized my companero elder beck looks like frodo, ryan (from the office), and an elder from the district! haha hes a good guy!

Tuesday. Pday! well we get to go to the temple each tuesday morning which is nice. the temple is such a special place, truly a place where the soul longs to be. yeah shnikes today has been so fun. Elder Mozer from Gilbert Arizona let me dunk on him like an hour ago! haha it was beast, he is like 6´4" 260. so i can check that off my bucket list.

Love you all so much, golly the church is true!

Elder Anderson

ps. rip.... that was the last picture of me before they cut my hair haha


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