December 9, 2019



Elder Serranilla

12/9/19 To Family & Friends: QUEZON

hey everybody,

i hope everyone is doing well! i am loving my mission. i am having such a blast and learning so much. my love for my savior and gratitude for his atonement is growing every day. i feel very blessed to dedicate this time to him.

this week was a special week. I got the opportunity to travel to my last area to witness the baptism of ramil sayang. Ramil is one of my favorite people ive ever taught and it was so fun to be a part of that day with him. i remember the first day i
met ramil. I was on exchanges with elder Asay. we had just finished some appointments and were gonna grab dinner really quickly before heading home. elder asay turned to me and said that we should talk to everyone we can on the way. as we walked, i remember
seeing ramil sitting on a little table next to his house and feeling an overwhelming sense of love for him. we plopped down next to him and introduced ourselves. he told us that he had been taught by missionaries before and had gone to church a few times.
as we started teaching him, he started living all the commandments and read ALL THE TIME. It was so fun to watch him grow in the gospel and his love for the savior grow. he was also such a funny guy and would always make elder greener and I laugh. love
that guy.

during his baptism I felt overwhelmed with joy and peace. I could feel just how happy heavenly father was for him too. ramil bore testimony of being found by us and taught by missionaries. he also told a story of the first time he ever went to church.
he arrived there before us and sat in the chapel by himslef. he said that as he sat there, he thought to himself "wow. this is what going to the true church of jesus christ feels like". I know that the spirit is real. i have experienced its burning in my
heart and heard his whispering voice speak peace to my soul.

we are also teaching rapel and welson. they are so great. they are going to be baptized on the 21st of december. they are some of the kindest most christlike people i have ever met. they read the book of mormon every day and surprised us by memorizing
scriptures out of the book of mormon. when we asked them why they told us to show appreciation for us sharing the gospel with them. they are sharing the gospel to their family and we are planning to go and share with them this week. they are awesome. they
both plan on serving missions. i love those guys. they are such awesome people.

i also have been pondering the atonement of christ and the type of the passover. how they painted their doorways with the blood of the first born lamb. i then read mosiah 4 and was struck by the specific wording "apply the atoning blood of christ" i
thought of the passover and how they applied the blood to their doorways and wondered how i would apply the blood of christ to my personal doorway. if each of us had the chance to paint our doorways with the atoning blood of christ would we be more careful
in our repentance? would we truly rely "wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save"? would we be more careful in defending ourselves from temptation with our "faith on the lord jesus christ"? (alma 37:33) if we painted our doorway with his precious
blood would it be streaky and patchy or would we carefully, reverently, and completely cover our doorways? i bear testimony that christ did shed his atoning blood for each of us personally and we should treat our personal repentance with that reverence and
gratefulness. oh how grateful i am for his atoning sacrifice. how grateful i am that through the merits of his atonement an his grace i can be changed and become like him.

I know that jesus christ lives. I know that he payed the debt and won the battle against sin. he becons to us to use his atonement and become perfect in him. I urge us to each remember that our individual repentance came at the greatest cost possible.
the blood of our beloved redeemer which was shed for us. i love him and i bear testimony that he loves us.

love you all
Elder Dyches


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